03Aug 2020
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If you don’t plan to stay fit while traveling, you won’t

Just recently I came across this statement in an interesting Blog article on the unconventionalroute.com, “if you don’t plan to stay fit while traveling, you won’t. Sounds very obvious, doesn’t it? But you probably can also relate, that this part of the planning it is rarely done, right? Most of the time we look for the chicest hotels to stay, the best restaurants to have dinner at, and top places to visit. But maybe we need to pay a little more attention to our workout routine and give it also some space during vacation? Especially as there are plenty of reasons/excuses to skip a workout during your well-deserved vacation.


Everyone is different, and maybe it is enough to do some research before the trip. Or check out the fitness facility as soon as you arrive. I personally try to explore the hotel gym on the first day I get there to get a first impression. This helps me all ready to set the tone for the next days.

If you are not in the luxury position to stay in a hotel with a great fitness facility, there are plenty of alternatives to stay fit while you are traveling. You can search for gyms nearby, outdoor workout areas, running tracks, or even options for rental bikes. Best case, you can even book a hotel with a great gym.

Kim and Chris from the Unconventional Route, even take it a step further and share the ir favorite fitness toys they are traveling with:

  • Foam Roller
  • Lacrosse Ball
  • Elastic Resistance Band
  • Phone Pouch
  • Wireless Headphones

I love the resistance bands. They are easy to pack even when you travel carry-on and they are useful for exercising and stretching. A handy tool which can also improve the gym experience in a light equipped hotel gym. And of course, I always bring my headphones to hear my tunes when I hit the gym.

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