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HotelGyms.comQA Section Image
How does HotelGyms.com work?
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SearchingQA Section Image
What search functions are available?
What if a Hotel cannot be found?
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BookingsQA Section Image
How do I complete a booking after I have found a suitable hotel?…
When do I receive my travel information?
What rates are shown by HotelGyms.com?
Can I get the benefits of my existing Hotel Reward Programs?
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GymFactorQA Section Image
What does “GymFactor” mean?
What if a Hotel does not show a GymFactor rating?
Can I review a Hotel Fitness facility myself?
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User ProfileQA Section Image
Why do I need a User Profile with HotelGyms.com?
How can I save or delete my Favorites?
Where can I edit my personal data?