HotelGyms.com is a free website. Its platform, developed inhouse, offers a unique service in its field. With the platforms search feature you will be able to find and book hotels worldwide that offer internal or external fitness centers within walking distance. By means of the specially developed “GymFactor” we are able to offer simple rating scales of local hotels’ fitness centers. Additionally, pictures and community comments on the rated fitness centers will offer you even more detailed information. The platform is developed in a dynamic way, offering daily updates of comments and impressions by other users. It is our declared goal that fitness enthusiasts worldwide will find the best possible hotel with the adequate fitness center in any location of the world, so that they can stay fit while traveling.


HotelGyms.com offers the following search possibilities to identify your optimal fitness hotel:
  • By entering the name of a known hotel 🡪 example “The Hide Flims Hotel”
  • By entering the city name 🡪 example “Las Vegas”
  • By entering the area 🡪 example “Berlin City Centre”
  • By entering the region 🡪 example “Tuscany”
  • By entering a state 🡪 example “Florida”
We are cooperating with booking.com and with the worldwide hotel chains Hilton, InterContinental, and Marriott. If a hotel does not show up, it is possible that the hotel concerned has no vacancy during the entered period, or that the hotel concerned isn’t a contractual partner of booking.com. However, if you’re convinced that you might know a cool hotel with an own fitness center, please get in contact with us.


As soon as you have found a suitable hotel, you will be redirected to the selected partner to complete the booking process. Our partner will handle the complete and trouble-free booking process. HotelGyms.com does not require your payment information nor your contact data.
As soon as your booking via one of our partners has been completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail by our respective provider containing all relevant information. If you are unsure which provider you booked with, please check your confirmation e-mail, where you can also find your login information.
The hotel rates shown are those provided to us by booking.com. The rates shown reflect your chosen time period, and are inclusive of any rebates for sales and promotions. If you do your bookings using HotelGyms.com, there are no rate disadvantages to you. You can get the full benefit of any and all sales and promotions offered by booking.com, or other selected booking partners.
If you already have established a profile with one of our partners (booking.com, Hilton, Marriott, IHG), you will be able to use it when doing your booking. After you got redirected to our partner, you have to complete the booking process as usual. You will be able to collect or redeem points and even benefit from other promotions.


The "GymFactor Score" express numerically the level of the fitness facility of the chosen hotel. We’ve already a considerable number of reviewed hotels gyms, while the community is constantly adding own reviews. You’ll find further details regaring the concept of the GymFactor on the GymFactor page.
If no GymFactor is shown, the hotel’s fitness center has not yet been reviewed. Now if you happen to have pictures and feedback of your own on the missing hotel gym, you’re very welcome to upload these directly to HotelGyms.com. In addition, you can initiate a first initial review by clicking “Request Review”.
Yes, we would absolutely like to have you on-board. The quality and validity of the GymFactor will increase with every additional review. You can add your own hotel gym review, impressions and comments as part of the GymFactor of the chosen hotel. The only requirement is to create your own user profile, which is free of charge.

User Profile

After establishing your own user profile you’ll be able to add reviews, comments and pictures of the chosen hotel. In addition, you’ll be able to save hotels in your favorites and personalize your future trips.
As soon as you have identified a suitable hotel, you’ll be able to save the hotel to your profile with the favorite (heart) icon shown. Clicking on the same icon again, will remove the chosen hotel from your favorites.
You can edit or delete your personal data at any time in your profile settings. No passwords are stored with HoteGyms.com, we use Microsoft Azure to provide authentication and authorizaiton services to our platform. This integration partner offers you to use a social media account, such as Google or Facebook.