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Pack your gym bag for your vacations or business trips! Complete your Workout in top rated hotel gyms, fitnessrooms or gyms near your hotel! No need to skip your workout!

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    Search for the hotel with the suitable gym at For booking purposes we cooperate with our strong partner: Logo. For you this means that you’ll take advantage of price reductions, promotions, the existing account and all other perks of your preferred booking partner. With us you’ll find that hotel gym or fitness room that best fits your needs, anytime and anywhere in the world.

  • Our Valuation

    Our valuation, the “ Factor” will tell you what kind of gym infrastructure will be awaiting you at your chosen hotel:
    Starting with Factor 3 of the rating you may expect to do a complete workout. Factor 4 denotes a full fledged gym inside the hotel or at a cooperating partner of the hotel.

  • Our Rating

    Our hotel gym ratings are based on our own experience, feedbacks from the fitness community as well as our own research. With a personal login/account you can share your individual hotel gym experience and impressions, as well as make your contribution for the benefit of your fellow fitness entusiasts by uploading your own pictures.

  • Workout

    When traveling it isn’t always easy or practical to find a suitable hotel with a cool gym. We’re here to help, no matter where you are, to enable you to continue your daily workout without interruption and to stay in shape. With you can choose yourself what kind of fitness room you want to book for your workout.Work out anytime while staying at the coolest places and at the world’s best hotels.

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