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28Jun 2022
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Alpha Progression Review - The Gym Logger App from Germany (2022) incl. Discount Code

We can pick from countless fitness apps these days. Go on Google Play or the App Store, search fitness app, and you will see dozens of options that seem good enough. But despite the sheer amount of possibilities, most fitness apps fall short because they are too identical. In other words, it would not matter much which you choose because most offer the same few features.

Alpha Progression is still a relatively new app that offers some unique features, making it superior to many options on the market today. That is why we have been partnering with Alpha Progression to secure you a 20% discount. You just have to use "HOTELGYMS" as the promotion code here.

What is Alpha Progression?

Alpha Progression is a versatile fitness app that lets you set up a gym profile, create a training plan, and start working out in just a few minutes. The app features a clean and minimal interface with just the correct number of options, but it is not stripped of essential functions.


The app features built-in progression recommendations for lifters, which is an excellent way to keep you on track and push you to improve. Compared to other fitness apps, this feature makes a difference and stands out in the test. Like most apps, Alpha Progression also features a free and paid version, which we will go over below.

What Features make Alpha Progression an App worth considering?

Alpha Progression is worth considering because of three of its key features:

1. Planning

The app is great because it allows you to put together your unique training plans or draw ideas as needed. You can write your plans inside the app or use the plan generator based on your preferences, goals, schedule, and more.

In other words, the app is excellent for all sorts of people. Whether you enjoy being in complete control of your training experience or simply want a good plan without having to think about it, Alpha Progression gives you the option.

2. Videos

Alpha Progression comes with a rich library of over 450 exercise instruction videos. Sure, that might not be that valuable for a gym veteran, but it can be incredible for everyone else. The app allows you to browse many exercises, come up with interesting ideas, and study proper training forms on the go.

3. Progression

The problem with most apps is they fail to give proper guidance on progression. Unfortunately, doing the same thing ceases to bring improvements, and we end up exercising instead of training. Doing more work and challenging ourselves is at the core of ongoing progress. 

But pushing hard is also about being smart and knowing when to take a step back. The app does an excellent job of providing progression recommendations that keep you training hard and improving.

Two other unique features of Alpha Progression are reps in reserve (RIR) and deload weeks. Unlike most apps on the market, Alpha allows you to track and log your reps in reserve, which is a neat way of monitoring how much effort you put into your training and if you're making good progress. For example, if a 10-rep set with 225 lbs on the bench press left you with 0 RIR a month ago, but you can now do it with two or three reps in reserve, it means you have gotten stronger.

What do others say about Alpha Progression?

As mentioned earlier, Alpha Progression is a relatively new app and does not have the social proof of giants on the market. Still, with over 2.500 reviews on Google Play and a rating of 4.8 out of 5, it is safe to say that people enjoy the app and find it helpful. The app also has a good rating in the App store, with a 4.9 out of 5.

What many people love about the app is its sheer simplicity of use. Unlike many fitness solutions, Alpha Progression is intuitive, simple to learn, and has a basic user interface. Many people also enjoy the program generator and progress recommendation features, which only come with the pro version. Both are incredibly beneficial and provide a fun, effective, and challenging training experience.

The third feature people love is the instructional videos and written instructions the app offers. Instead of going off the app and looking at instructions elsewhere, the app includes everything a trainee might need to complete each workout successfully.

An advantage of a relatively new app is you still get easily in contact with the founding team of Benjamin Schnabel and Marwin Sinapius. The Facebook Group is open to asking questions, getting training advice, or providing feedback about the app.

How to get started with Alpha Progression

Getting started with Alpha Progression is no different than using any other app. You first have to download the app and set up a gym profile. The app asks you about essential information that helps it mold a better training plan. You will have to select your: 

  • Gender
  • Lifting experience (in years)
  • Current weight (in lbs or kilos)

You can then start putting together your training plan. The app recommends its plan generator, but you can create your routine from scratch or start with a single workout to test the app if you do not have the Pro version.

Regardless of which option you choose, putting together a training plan requires extra information from you. If you decide to put your plan together, the app asks you about:

  • How often you want to train;
  • How many weeks you want your training plan to last.

You then proceed to build your workouts. The app also offers "Expert settings" that include built-in deload weeks, tracking your RIR, and periodization. RIR stands for reps in reserve and describes how many reps you could have done more (with perfect technique) when ending the set. For example, if you do 10 reps in one set and could have done 2 more reps, you track 10 reps and 2 RIR. If you do 10 reps in one set and could not have done more reps, you track 10 reps and 0 RIR. However, these are all pro features, and speaking of those, Alpha Progression does a great job of putting a plan for you. In addition to the above, it also asks you about:

  • How many days per week you want to train;
  • How long you want each workout to be;
  • What muscles you want to focus on (or neglect).

You can also dedicate to your training plan's length. Once you have put the information in, the app develops a training plan for you. What is great is that you can tweak your program later. For example, you can swap an exercise easily if you do not like the app's recommendation.

Alpha Progression: Free Version or Pro?

Like most fitness apps, Alpha Progression offers a free and paid version. The free version gives you a taste of what the app offers and provides more than enough functionality. You can put together training plans, track your workouts, and more.

But the app's paid version offers more to the user, so you should consider it, at least for a month. Getting the paid version offers unique features like:

  • The plan generator can create custom training plans based on equipment, gender, training experience, frequency, duration, muscle preference, etc.
  • Includes progression recommendations during the training based on your past workouts performance to achieve the next higher strength level.
  • Provides graphical insights to evaluate your training graphically afterward.

These graphical insights are helpful because they visualize your progress over the weeks and months, making it easier to appreciate where you were and how far you have come. That might not seem important, but it can be quite motivating and keep you moving forward even when you do not feel like it. The app's Pro version is also excellent because it allows you to schedule deload weeks into your training. These weeks are designed to feature less demanding training, which is a beneficial form of active recovery. 

Of course, the Pro version does also not contain any advertisements. After sign-up, you get free two (2) weeks of access to the Pro version. The monthly Pro subscription costs $10 per month or $5 if you get the annual version for $60.

The good news is that we got you covered if you want to save 20% on your subscription. Use "HOTELGYMS" as the code when signing up here. Click "Try for free," and you will get the yearly subscription for only $48 after two (2) weeks of free testing. Based on our experience, this is one of the lowest subscription prices for a professional fitness app.

What we think of Alpha Progression

Alpha Progression is a relatively new fitness app that deserves its good reputation and rating. Compared to Fitbod, our favorite for travel and hotel gyms, Alpha Progression has a 100% focus on traditional strength training. While Fitbod will generate a new workout every time you train, this app is designed to stick to a plan for several weeks. This can be beneficial if you are doing a movement for the first time or after a break. The first one or two sets will be less effective since you are re-learning the movement and figuring out the correct weights.

What about the Strong app, another fitness app featured on Strong does not create custom plans and contains less guidance on weights or repetitions. There is no equivalent to the progression recommendations. However, some prefer to have complete control over their workout plan, and Strong is a fantastic tool for tracking.

Another difference between Alpha Progression and other apps is that it is more geared to lifters and strength enthusiasts. Too many developers on the market try to capture as many people as possible by making their apps widely available. But, they often fall short of the objective because they fail to make their apps great in any area. In contrast, Alpha Progression is specifically designed for the dedicated lifter. The app features everything you need to train effectively and build the most muscle and strength in the long run. Sure, the narrow approach alienates some people in the fitness segment, but it works incredibly well for its target market. 

As you can see, every fitness app has its specific scenario, and all three are good at what they do. In the end, it is all about your need and personal preference. 


Alpha Progression takes the guesswork out of the equation and provides you with a simple, sustainable, and, most importantly, effective plan. While hard work plays a massive role in the equation, it alone is rarely enough. A good training program based on sound principles and progression is essential because improvements occur slowly. 

The beauty of Alpha Progression is that it covers all your needs and provides all the necessary information for safe and practical training. Using the app on the road is also a great option, given the sheer customizability and use of gym profiles. You can use our GymFactor tool to find excellent gyms for your travels and pair that with Alpha Progression for a wonderful training experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Alpha Progression worth considering?

Most notably, Alpha Progression is simple to use. The app features a clean interface, limited options, and the ability to navigate with just a few taps on your screen. The next huge benefit is that the app provides custom training plans based on your input. Each workout is designed to fit your needs and help you get closer to your goals. Speaking of that, Alpha Progression focuses on long-term progression by providing suggestions for increasing the load and more. As a result, you can more effectively overload your muscles at the correct times and reap great rewards.

Is Alpha Progression good for Beginners?

Yes, the app provides excellent training plans, long-term progression recommendations, and information on many gym movements. Alpha Progression also provides in-depth exercise information that educates you on each movement, allowing you to learn as you go and not waste time. More importantly, all the information is available in the app, and you do not have to venture elsewhere to access videos, instructions, and suggestions.

How does Alpha Progression differ from other popular apps on the market?

Perhaps the biggest difference between Alpha Progression and other apps like Fitbod and Strong is its simplicity. The app features a clean and simple interface, free of unnecessary functions and options. But, despite the simplicity, the app is still incredibly functional and never feels like a glorified note-taking app. You have plenty of options for logging your workouts, the app provides custom plans, and there are plenty of training recommendations. 

How good are the training plans generated by Alpha Progression?

One of Alpha Progression's unique features is the focus on gym training. The app does not try to capture a variety of trainees across different exercise modalities. It focuses on a handful of things and does each amazingly well. What is great about training plans generated by Alpha Progression is that each comes with a predetermined duration (e.g., 6 weeks), and you can tweak your training plan as you go. You also have the option to include deload weeks for recovery purposes, and the app recommends progression based on your performance.

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