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Introducing GymFactor,
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This is how our State-of-the-Art Well-being Advisor Tool works to help you find the best hotels.

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“GymFactor immensely simplifies my travel“
John Diller
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“The best hotel I have ever stayed at“– Hotel owner's cousin?
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“The hotel was awful“– Bought by a competitor?
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Traditional reviews are hard to rely on.Most people rely on user reviews on sites like Google or Tripadvisor to decide where to stay and what to do on a vacation or business trip.However, studies demonstrated that up to 20 percent of all reviews on platforms like and Tripadvisor are phony or bought.Additionally, trawling through hundreds of crowdsourced reviews is taxing as fitness insights are difficult to find.
That's why we built GymFactor.
At our site, we do things a little differently. We do not just rely on traditional review sites—we go above and beyond by checking multiple sources and using our very own algorithm, the GymFactor.A score that your can trust when seeking the best hotel for your ongoing fitness needs.
5 out of 5
How GymFactor worksAt a glance, GymFactor makes it easy for you to determine the quality of a hotel gym.
Our data-driven approach allows us to uncover valuable insights, revealing the gyms hidden qualities.Our research considers 50+ specific date-points that are input into our algorithm to benchmark the hotel gym. Some of the leading parameters that affect the GymFactor label are:
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4 out of 5
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Variety of equipment
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Multiple workout stations
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Types of cardio machines
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Types of machines
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Heavy weights
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Space to exercise
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Opening hours
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Equipment maintenance
Thorough and extensive ratingsWhat sets us apart is our commitment to thoroughness. For our premium assets, we incorporate a human touch to ensure an even more accurate rating.

Moreover, our focus is not limited to the luxury segment. We cover a wide range of hotel gyms, from budget-friendly options to luxury facilities. With GymFactor, you can...
Check out our YouTube video on how GymFactor helps you find and book hotels with real gyms.
Your reviews matter too.It is not about us, it is about you. We put your experience first, and that is why we want to hear from you! Share your thoughts on your recent hotel gym by leaving a review on our website. Do not forget to include your own pictures and videos to give us a better idea of your experience.
Understand the GymFactor labelIt works just like an app is rated on an app store, making our GymFactor label simple and easy to understand.
GymFactor ClassesMost people have no idea how one facility compares to another as they often stay at one hotel in each place they visit. The breakdown into different GymFactor Classes helps to find a hotel gym that resonates with your choice of fitness, be it cardio - machines or free weights.
GymFactor Classes |
GymFactor Score
1 out of 5
Just a room, but better than nothing
2 out of 5
Small gym, expect some basics
3 out of 5
A reasonable gym, nearly everything you need
4 out of 5
An outstanding hotel gym, almost perfect
5 out of 5
A real gym, it's just perfect
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Cooperating with a Gym
Not in house, but still greatSome hotels may not have an in-house gym, yet they still prioritize fitness. These hotels establish partnerships with nearby gyms, just a short walk away, ensuring you have access to everything you need to stay fit while traveling.
Ready to get started?Try out our search to find the right hotel for you.
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