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Our state-of-the-art Gym advisor tool

The purpose of building the GymFactor label was to enable gym bunnies and fitness freaks who love or have to travel but are constantly in the dilemma of where to stay and how not to let their workout routine be affected while on a trip. Most people rely on user reviews on sites like Google or Tripadvisor to decide where to stay and what to do on a vacation or business trip. However, studies demonstrated that up to 20 percent of all reviews on platforms like and Tripadvisor are phony or bought. Additionally, trawling through hundreds of crowdsourced reviews is taxing as fitness insights are difficult to find. People want short, digestible summaries to decide whether somewhere is suitable for them quickly.The GymFactor label solves this problem by pointing out the top hotels with gyms in the vicinity of your travel destination.
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How does the GymFactor work?

The approach cuts through the noise of user reviews using the GymFactor. Just as with hotel stars, GymFactor will make it easy for our users to distinguish a good option from a bad one. We use machine learning capabilities to analyze images and reviews to reveal the best-kept secrets regarding hotel gyms. In addition, technology such as Artificial Intelligence helps us to improve low-quality pictures to help our users get the best insight into what to expect.
Some of the leading parameters that affect the GymFactor label are:
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Variety of Equipment
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Type of machines
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Opening Hours
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Space to exercise
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Heavy Weights
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Equipment Maintenance
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Multiple workout stations
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Types of Cardio Machines
The GymFactor is a label based on an algorithm developed by to benchmark the different types of hotel gyms. People who post reviews are often those who have had a very positive or negative experience they want to share with the broader internet. Therefore, our approach was designed to focus on the facts from different sources to truly help fitness enthusiasts find their preferred fitness environment on their next hotel gym visit.Still not sure? Check our YouTube video on how the GymFactor helps you find and book hotels with real gyms.Arrow |

GymFactor Classes

It works just like an app is rated on an app store, making our GymFactor label simple and easy to understand. Furthermore, the breakdown into different classes helps to find a hotel gym that resonates with your choice of fitness.
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GymFactor Score
3 out of 4
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Workout Machines
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The GymFactor Score

Most people have no idea how one facility compares to another as they often stay at one hotel in each place they visit. Additionally, every person has different expectations of what a gym offers for a good workout. That is why the GymFactor uses a scale from poor to perfect.
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The GymFactor in Action

Below, you can see our main GymFactor scores as we use them today and a brief description of what that specific GymFactor means.

Perfect GymFactor

A real gym, it’s just perfect

This gym provides everything any fitness enthusiast could need. Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could perform his workout at this place. This hotel has created a fitness center atmosphere, so you don’t want to miss it.

GymFactor Score 4.0

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GymFactor Score
4 out of 4
This is our highest GymFactor Score. The icon is made up of 3 stars and has an upward arrow symbolizing that this gym has that extra touch that takes it one bar higher than the rest - a 100% fit.

Excellent GymFactor

A good gym, nearly everything you need

For a hotel, this gym provides an excellent experience. You will find everything you need, including various cardio and workout machines and heavier weights to perform a perfect workout.

GymFactor Score 3.0

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GymFactor Score
3 out of 4
The 3 stars in this rating show that this is an amazing gym experience as you can see by the title. This GymFactor Score of 3 can be considered as 80% of the top score and this gym will offer an amazing workout.

Good GymFactor

Small gym, expect some basics

It’s okay for a basic workout, and you will find several multi-functional machines and a variety of dumbbells, although most hotels have a focus on cardio equipment. For most customers, it’s good enough to keep your muscles activated.

GymFactor Score 2.0

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GymFactor Score
2 out of 4
Coming in at number 2 out of 4 we have the good gym experience. Considering that it is a gym found in a hotel, this one offers a pretty solid experience and you’ll be able to complete a decent workout.

Poor GymFactor

Just a room, but better than nothing

You won’t be spending a lot of time here. This hotel provides only the simplest equipment in a small room. You might find it a challenge to do a full body workout, but it’s good enough to keep you moving.

GymFactor Score 1.0

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GymFactor Score
1 out of 4
You can consider this our 1 out of 4 score. The gym is, as the title suggests, just okay hence a 1 star on the icon. You wil be able to complete a very basic workout here without a problem.
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