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12Sep 2023
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Road Warriors: 6 Cool Fitness Gadgets for Your Journey

Traveling is awesome. But if you are serious about fitness, it is also a source of stress. The good news is, so long as you take the most basic of fitness equipment and gadgets, you can travel freely and still have fantastic workouts. In this article, we review six awesome travel fitness equipments:

TRX All-in-One Body Suspension Trainer

TRX All-in-One Body Suspension Trainer

TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise and has won people's hearts by providing a portable, highly flexible suspension trainer. TRX is the travel fitness equipment to take on your next trip:

  • It rolls up into a super-small bag, even fitting in your carry-on.
  • You can perform almost all resisted movements you can think of with a TRX.
  • From hanging the Suspension Trainer off your hotel door, to getting outside and securing it to a tree, the TRX is ready to go in seconds.

It is a revolutionary workout method that uses your body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core, and joint stability. And you can also register online to kick start with your TRX Suspension Trainer. For $49.99 a year, you get unlimited access to On-Demand TRX Training Workouts to unleash the full potential of the Suspension Trainer.

Resistance Band

Resistance Band

Resistance bands are a fantastic for your fitness travel gear, because they allow you to perform many gym-based movements without having access to machines. Just like the TRX, the resistance band will add load to any movement and will take up no space in your bag. The band also provides many unique movements as well as tension throughout the entire range of motion. Some examples include chest flyers, tricep extensions, and bicep curls.

Now the colors are not just decorative. These different colors of an exercise band correlate to different resistance levels. The darker the color, the bigger the resistance:

  • Yellow: Thin/Easy/X-Light
  • Red: Light
  • Green: Medium
  • Blue: Heavy
  • Black: X-Heavy

Made from a grippy, non-slip material, RenoJ's Resistance Bands Set is perfect for leg and glute workouts. Another more budget-friendly option would be the Insonder's Resistance Bands Set.

A superlight Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Whether you want to train in your hotel room or have a daily yoga practice, stashing a yoga mat in your carry-on lets could become handy. But chances are, the fitness mat you have at home does not fit into your carry-on. Meet the "Manduka Superlite Foldable" yoga mat for your next yoga, Pilates, or fitness workout. Probably one of the best choices for keeping up with your practice while traveling.

With only 1 Kg weight (2.2 lbs) and 1.5 mm of thickness, this equipment is exceptionally lightweight and flexible. In addition, the mat is easy to fold up tightly and toss in a suitcase.

Despite being so thin, the mat is made of a woven scrim, so it will not tear or stretch in your suitcase, and its closed-cell surface will not absorb the sweat and prevent the growth of bacteria. Finally, all Manduka mats are made without PVC or potentially toxic plasticizers.

A Jump Rope

Jump Rope

A jump rope is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment you can own. For one, they are incredibly affordable. Second, a jump rope is light and portable, which means you can store it in almost any bag.

Third, jump ropes allow fantastic and time-efficient workouts almost anywhere. For example, did you know that jumping rope burns calories equivalent to running a 7:30 mile (11.70 km)? 

Instead of worrying about equipment or finding a gym, all you have to do is take the rope out, and you can have a great workout anywhere – in the park, on the beach, or in your hotel room. So are you looking for a new one? The XYLsports Jump Rope provides ultra-smooth, bearing-assisted rotation and squishy foam-padded handles and is a pleasure to use. And importantly, it really gives a very smooth rotation.

Many people associate rope skipping with grade school children and not as a tool used by elite athletes. However, the jumping rope has been the warm-up routine of champions for a very long time.

Bluetooth Headphones


I do not know about you, but I need music while training. So what better way to remove distractions, get in the zone, and push through hard workouts?

The great thing is that most Bluetooth Headphones are affordable and come with a compact case that easily fits into every travel bag. Looking for a new pair, read our dedicated blog article about the top headphones for training

Push-Up Handles

Push-Up Handles

Push-up bars or handles are things that many people do not even consider purchasing, which is weird, as they can take your upper body fitness routine to an entirely new level. Okay, this equipment might take a bit more space in your suitcase. But if you are into push-ups, these handles allow you to practice better form when doing push-ups. And they also will give you more options for variations.

The two handles are placed on small rotating platforms and support the natural movement of your arms and shoulders. 

The handles neutralize the wrist, meaning the joints do not have to bend during the push-up. This can diminish wrist pain. The handles also encourage a slower, methodical pace. In other words, using more muscle and less momentum could help get a little more activation through the muscles.

Has it got you hooked? Well, there is one thing to mention, the weight. These handles weigh 4 pounds (1.8 kg), which means they are not really fit for carry-on. Of course, a big reason for this heavy design is the internal rotation system, but if you have space, it might be a great companion for your next trip.


You might want to bring some of your day-to-day workout equipment along as well. Depending on your training style, you might not need more than a pair of running shoes. But, if you enjoy lifting weights and doing calisthenics and plyometric training, then having a proper lifting shoe is essential in your travel fitness kit. 

You might also want to include your workout gloves for your work out in the hotel gym. If you prefer to do pull-ups in the park, gloves also come in handy. And the best, they do not take any space in your luggage.

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