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Thinking about where you will work out while you travel? So are we. HotelGyms.com welcomes you to the platform of your dreams, a one-stop solution to choosing the best hotels with the finest gym that suits your needs.We are dedicated to making your travelling experience the most satisfying and enjoyable by taking away your worries of not being able to find a good place to stay or to get the best out of your workout.Our platform combines an accommodation booking system and a gym rating system called “GymFactor” to suggest you the accommodations with the best gyms and sports facilities.
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Our Mission

We are a strong believer in fitness for everybody, anytime and anywhere in the world. Everyone should be able to have the pleasure of their routine workout no matter what the circumstances and something as trivial as travelling should not deny that pleasure.

Our Vision

To provide the most ideal fit in travel planning for fitness enthusiasts and travel fanatics. To turn bad experiences into pleasant ones by offering one-of-a-kind platform which has information about the gym facilities, type of equipment, the state of machines and every minor detail that they require to choose the right place to stay at or even chose from the variety of alternatives outside the hotel.
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Why book with us?

Well, first of all...

HotelGyms provides you a one-click access to hundreds of available hotels at the destination of your choice, however, with the extra benefit that we pay specific attention to hotels’ gym facilities.We are all about ranking the hotels in terms of the fitness facilities for you. You just pick the place of your stay, and we will provide you with a variety of information on which place has what facilities, what are the conditions, how is the environment and what do other members of the community think about it. Because we know that traveling should not be the reason for skipping your workouts, we’ll ensure the best travel & training experience for you.
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The inadequate equipment and demotivating gym environment are two the major nightmares that you can face at a randomly chosen hotel for your stay. We intend to eliminate each one of them with our cutting-edge technology.We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse gym images, and to classify the gyms according to their overall quality, we have developed our very own gym review tool, the GymFactor, the results of which improve by every second through a continuous feed of data. So what is this GymFactor? Let’s unravel.


Our state-of-the-art gym advisor tool

The idea behind the GymFactor tool is to give a classification to the gym facilities available at the hotels to ease up their thought process of choosing the right place of stay and narrowing down their search to only the top-rated choices without wasting any time on reviewing each and every place.The development of GymFactor incorporates the years of experience of our veteran fitness geeks who reviewed thousands of hotel gyms and trained in hundreds of them by themselves.The core factors that impact the GymFactor score include the type of equipment available at the site, the condition of the equipment, the working environment and overall workout experience. This is everything that you want to know to determine what you can expect from a gym at a particular hotel.
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Meet our partners

Travelling and fitness being the key features of our organization, We partner with some of the most renowned brands like Booking.com and Fitbod to provide our customers with the best possible deals available in both the travelling and the fitness industry. Partnering with these brands allows us to provide the most cost-effective solutions to our customers in terms of both, the smoothest travelling experience and the best facilities for workouts and training.
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Our slogan:

Fitness on the go

We are a platform, specifically designed to do the one and one thing only, to enable fitness enthusiasts to get the best out of their workouts, even on their trips. We understand that fitness is one of the fundamental requirements of the human body and we are not about to let travelling kill the joy of intense workouts.Using our platform, you can get the best of both worlds by enjoying your tours along with keeping yourself in shape. Fitness on the go indeed is a dream come true now.
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