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People love to travel. It breaks up the monotony of ordinary life into a nice little adventure that can be remembered for a lifetime. However, travelling does come with one major disadvantage. Most of the hotels have some sort of fitness facilities, but how often have you stayed in a hotel, where the gym set-up was rather lousy and not as expected?

In 2016, after years of experiencing firsthand the pitfalls of exercising when traveling, Ronny and Roland created HotelGyms.com, a technology-enabled sports and travel platform that combines the love for travel and fitness with a modern user-friendly design, and with data science.

With HotelGyms.com you can choose what kind of sport or fitness room you want for your workouts and match that with staying at the world's chicest hotels and apartments. With our booking partners, we can offer information on more than a million hotels, with over 100’000+ rated and validated hotel gyms.

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My goal is to provide a platform which allows our customers to never skip a workout while traveling.

RonnyCEO of HotelGyms.com by gymbookdo Ltd.


  • 2016
    💼 HotelGyms.com is founded
  • 2017
    📆 Successfully completed first booking
  • 2019
    🧰 Planning and Development
  • 2020
    💻 Quietly released the new platform
  • 2021
    🌍🥇 The future

We are the developer of a sports and travel platform designed to offer the best experience for people who want to stay fit while traveling. Our platform is focused on hotel fitness facilities, travel planning and accommodation booking system to provide best possible user experience to fitness addicted travelers.

The dashboard for gym management enables hotels and gyms to position their fitness facilities to optimize their ROI. HotelGyms.com provides the platform where sport fanatics are planning their next trip.

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HotelGyms.com is part of gymbookdo Ltd. and is led by


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Our Technology and Booking Partners

HotelGyms.com is the leading cloud-based sports and travel platform. For primary booking purposes we cooperate with a well-known partner: Booking.com. For you this means that you'll take advantage of price reductions, promotions, existing accounts, and all the other perks. We also offer direct booking options with selected Hilton, InterContinental, and Marriott hotels and get additional reviews from TripAdvisor.

The platform is using the latest cloud services from Google, Microsoft and others to provide the best experience all over the globe.

  • Company name: gymbookdo Ltd.
  • Founding date: April 11, 2016
  • Registration number: (CHE-205.791.278)
  • Domain name: HotelGyms.com
  • Website launched: August 06, 2016
  • First booking: September 05, 2016
  • Platform launch date: April 11, 2020
  • Cloud Platforms: Microsoft Azure and Office 365,
  • Google Cloud Platform for Maps and Machine Learning