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06Mar 2024
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Fitbod App Review 2024: The Personal Trainer in your Pocket

Working out while traveling or in your home gym is much more complicated than it looks. While working out is relatively simple, knowing where to direct your effort is the real challenge.

What if an app can help you train effectively, no matter where you are or what kind of equipment you have access to? And what if, with this app, you could use a workout plan considering your available equipment that has been designed and personalized for your unique goals?

In today's post, we will discuss and review one fantastic app called Fitbod. Let us cut right through the cake: Fitbod is undoubtedly a leading fitness app, and we like its flexibility for travel.


  • Type: Workout Planner
  • Price starts at $9.74/month
  • Free Version: No
  • Best for: Travel

Read on to find out more about Fitbod prices, features, subscriptions, promo codes and more.

Fitbod Review 2024: Take your Fitness with you

Coming up with an effective fitness plan is not easy and is one reason people worldwide pay a lot of money to have personal trainers and coaches guide them through the fitness jungle. But, with the Fitbod app, things have changed dramatically. With a few clicks on your phone, you can set up the app and have it create custom workouts for you every day. Moreover, this app tracks your previous performance, considers your preferences and goals, asks for your available fitness equipment (if any), and provides you with unique and effective workouts.

Fitbod Fitness App

What sets Fitbod workout app apart from the competition is the sheer quality of the service they provide. Many workout apps follow a similar process: download the app, set your fitness goals, and receive a personalized workout program to help you achieve your goals.

However, as we will go over in one of the following points, Fitbod is much more sophisticated and considers numerous factors when putting together your workout program.

What we like ⭐️ Not so much ❌
Sophisticated Algorithm: Adapts to users' needs, available equipment, and recovery state. Might not Replace Trainers: While personalized, it might not fully replace the expertise of a personal trainer.
Adaptable to Equipment: Can customize workouts based on available gym equipment or home gear. Limited to Strength Training: Its primary focus is on strength training, which might not cater to those seeking cardio-focused plans.
Recovery Tracking: Helps avoid overtraining by factoring in muscle fatigue and recovery. Disparity between Platforms: Some features available for Apple users might be limited or missing on Android.
Expansive Exercise Library: Features a vast array of exercises, complete with premium videos and descriptions. Subscription-Based: Monthly or annual fees can be expensive over time. And free trial period only includes three free workouts.
Simple & Intuitive Design: The app boasts a clear design that enhances user experience and ease of navigation. Too atructured for Some: The app's structured approach might be limiting for users seeking more freedom in workout and exercise selection.

And now, let us dive in to review the top four features of Fitbod.

Fitbod App Review: Top Features

1. Workout Quality that stands out

Fitbod Workout Planner

One fascinating thing is Fitbod's AI-powered training algorithm, which understands your ability, past workouts, and available fitness equipment to create your personalized plan.

This algorithm is the heart and brain of Fitbod's capabilities, giving people at all fitness levels the most personalized workouts possible.

The Fitbod algorithm builds workouts from two major components: the exercise selector, which finds the best matches based on level and goals from 900+ exercises, and the capability recommender, which determines sets, reps, and weight for any given exercise.

To keep this algorithm going, you will need to provide Fitbod with feedback for it to learn what is best for you and provide even better and more targeted workouts as you continue training. Still, to get the most out of your training, you must maintain a consistent regimen, try your max efforts, change your exercises, and update your training environment.

Fitbod fitness app also allows you to edit your workouts once created, adding or removing exercises as needed. In addition, you are free to update your experience level, goal, or training split whenever you need to.

2. Workouts aligned to your Goals

Fitbod Goal Setting

Aside from the tailored training experience, Fitbod accommodates a wide range of training styles, making it a great choice, no matter what type of training you prefer to achieve your goals.

For this, Fitbod offers a list of six goals to choose from that will assist the algorithm in personalizing the fitness plan that is best for you. Your selection will impact the amount of weight and number of repetitions and sets.

The six available options are:

  • General Fitness - improve health and overall physique.
  • Strength Training - focuses on the main muscle groups to get stronger, increase gains and build muscle mass.
  • Muscle Tone - focuses on higher reps with minimal rest to tone and sculpt the physique.
  • Bodybuilding - increases the weight and maintains high reps to achieve the best results to build a larger and more muscular body.
  • Powerlifting - focuses mainly on bench press, squat, and deadlift to help hit some new personal records.
  • Olympic Weightlifting - provides training to improve two specific lift techniques: snatch clean and jerk.

3. Plans your Muscle Recovery

Fitbod Recovery

Recovery is a crucial component of strength training or any fitness. Fitbod automatically considers muscle recovery when planning your next workout and ensures your muscles have time to recover and rebuild. In addition, the "Recovery" tab gives a visual heat map of each muscle group. Adequate recovery is one of the essential parts of becoming a fitter and healthier person.

Fitbod is excellent for ensuring an effective muscle recovery routine, allowing you to bounce back from each workout faster and train harder and more often.

4. Automated Programming and Progression

Fitbod Progression

Unless you have access to a personal trainer, trying to decide what to do in a workout is always that element. That is where another unique feature of Fitbod comes into play. This app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate fun, challenging, and effective workouts in seconds. As such, you are never left wondering how to train on the road or in your local gym.

This algorithm is designed to help you reach your fitness goals, which means it will constantly push you if you start to find workouts easy. Every workout will have slightly increased difficulty to keep your muscles working hard and seeing progress. In addition, you can also tweak each generated workout to fit your needs perfectly and follow a progression scheme to ensure an adequate overload.

Fun fact: Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool; even Hollywood knew this many years ago. If you have not, you might want to check out some top movies about Artificial Intelligence to understand the possibility better.

What are others saying about Fitbod?

According to Apple and Google, both app stores have outstanding customer and community feedback. The reviews are very positive, with an average star rating of 4.8/5 with 190k Ratings for iOS. On Android, Fitbod gets a star rating of 4.6/5 with 20k reviews. Unfortunately, this version was released in 2020 and is still slightly behind.

Some of the things that make Fitbod stand out include the sophisticated algorithm that allows the app to put together countless tailored, specific, and effective workouts for you as well as the simple UI that allows you to access different features and use the app during workouts without wasting any time. Most people like its intuitively designed layout that is easy to use, easy to understand and follow. Furthermore, the workouts are created uniquely for you and your goals. So think of this, Fitbod is designed to push you to your limits and make you stronger.

How to get started with Fitbod

So, who is Fitbod for? The app is perfect for anyone trying to improve their Fitness and who wants to have some structure and guidance. It supports beginners with weightlifting or home workout with limited equipment.

There is also an option for bodyweight-only workouts if you do not have any equipment; for example, if you are on the road and are limited to an in-room exercise. This is also a great way to pimp up a bad hotel gym.

Getting started with Fitbod is super easy. First, you need to download it from the app store. Once you are inside, it is time to do some customization. Head over to the "Your Gym" tab and start working down the list:

  • Available equipment: choose the equipment you have access to for your workouts (if any).
  • Fitness goals: select a goal (or multiple) so the app can better customize workouts for you.
  • Workout duration: write down how long you want your workouts to be.
  • Training experience: write down which category you fall into.
  • Training splits: if you like, you can pick a spit you prefer to follow, and Fitbod will customize your routine. For example, an upper/lower or push/pull/legs split.

On top of that, you can also go down the list of exercises and exclude some. So, for example, if a given movement aggravates your shoulders, you can inform the app, and it will not recommend it.

Want to know more? Read our blog post how to use Fitbod to learn some useful tips and tweaks.

Recommended Equipment to use with Fitbod app

The good news, besides your smartphone, you do not need any equipment when using Fitbod. You can start with bodyweight-only workouts and, for example, include other fitness equipment when visiting a gym. However, we still suggest investing in essential equipment for a wider variety of workouts. The top three elements are:

  1. A large yoga mat
  2. A set of dumbbells
  3. Quality training shoes

When you are tight in space, the adjustable Boxflex dumbbells provide a fantastic range of weights. Or if you have even less space, you could explore training with resistance bands.

How much does Fitbod cost?

You will get your first three (3) workouts for free after you sign up with your account. After this trial period, you will have to upgrade to Fitbod Elite, where you can access unlimited custom workouts. With any of the paid Fitbod subscriptions, you can log as many workouts as possible, use the exercise library, and watch demonstration videos.

Fitbod app costs: monthly vs lifetime

The monthly plan for Fitbod costs $12.99, but you can pay $79.99 for an entire year, which is not a bad deal and brings the cost down to $6.66 a month, or even to just $5 when using our Fitbod Elite discount code. There is currently no Fitbod lifetime membership option.

And in case you wonder about the "Elite" wording. Fitbod Elite is the name Fitbod gave for the paid subscription for their Fitbod fitness app.

In summary, Fitbod offers two different paid subscription options:

Fitbod Promo Code

What if there is a way to get some additional Fitbod discount? Thanks to our partnership with Fitbod, you will receive a 25% off from your next yearly or monthly Fitbod subscription.

Ready to become a Fitbod Elite member? Enter the Fitbod promo code "HOTELGYMS25" at to receive a year of personalized workouts for only $59.99! Please note that the discount must be redeemed on the website, not within the app store.

Fitbod App Review: Before and After

This is the big question: Is Fitbod worth it, and how have others trained with this fitness app? Here are some Fitbod before and after success stories that will help you understand how effective Fitbod can be for your fitness goals:

Fitbod Before After Alec

Check out Alec's success story! A 23-year-old from Texas, struggled with fitness and health for years before discovering Fitbod. He had a sedentary lifestyle and had difficulty motivating himself to exercise regularly. But after discovering the Fitbod fitness app, everything changed. The personalized workout plans and tracking features helped him stay motivated and focused, making it easier to reach his fitness goals.

Alec made significant progress and achieved his fitness goals, including losing 20 pounds and building lean muscle mass. In addition to the physical benefits, Alec also experienced improvements in his mental health and overall well-being. He credits Fitbod for providing the support and guidance he needed to achieve his goals.

Furthermore, he recommends Fitbod to anyone looking to improve their fitness and health and believes that the app can help anyone achieve their goals, regardless of their starting point or fitness level.

Fitbod Before After Jennifer

Another story is from Jennifer. Jennifer is a 42-year-old from California who struggled with chronic back pain and had trouble finding a workout routine that would not exacerbate her condition. She tried various approaches, including physical therapy and yoga, but found them ineffective or unsustainable.

However, after discovering the Fitbod fitness app, she was able to work with the app's personalized workout plans and tracking features to create a routine that worked for her body and helped alleviate her back pain.

In addition, she appreciated the ability to customize the exercises and the app's recommendations for appropriate weight and intensity levels, which helped her gradually avoid injury and build strength.

With the support of the Fitbod Elite app, Jennifer made significant progress in her fitness and health. She lost weight, gained muscle, and managed her back pain more effectively. She also appreciated the convenience of using the app to plan and track her workouts on the go.

Jennifer feels more confident and empowered, encouraging others to try the Fitbod workout app to get desired results.

What to expect from the Fitbod app in 2024?

Last year, Fitbod released a significant update to its fitness app with many improvements and fresh exercise content. So, what can we expect in 2024? Fitbod recently added the Muscle Strength Score to help you understand how your strength changes over time.

Another recent change allows the user to influence the workout algorithm to choose more or fewer of a specific exercise. With daily changing workouts, this feature is handy for removing the ever-hated handstand.

Much related, Fitbod is adding many new exercises and will support additional equipment to the existing collection of 1.000+ exercises. Videos for over 500 new exercises and equipment have been recorded, and those will be added this year.

Finally, seeing past performances across several metrics and timeframes will be easier. Fitbod did a major revamp of Fitbod's Exercise History and Records, making it possible to review better, celebrate, and analyze how well you are doing.

To access your exercise history, tap "Trends" in the upper right corner of your screen, scroll below any exercise, or tap the three dots next to the name of any exercise and tap "Exercise History."

This sounds fantastic, and it is an excellent time to be part of the Fitbod community.

What we think of Fitbod: the expert review

If you have always found yourself struggling to find an excellent program to focus on, Fitbod might be what you need to get started. 

Fitbod is a fantastic app. It has a beautiful layout, and it is easy to use. But perhaps the thing that makes the app so unique is its sheer customizability. One of the first things folks notice about Fitbod is the impeccable choice of workouts, exercises, and training styles.

Unlike many other apps, Fitbod has an incredible algorithm. Instead of providing its users with some cookie-cutter workout solution that does not do much for us, it analyzes the data we input and gives us a custom-tailored program. What is more, the app analyzes our previous performance and makes suggestions for our following workouts.

Let us go over some of the things we love about the app:

Best for traveling

It is difficult to say which fitness app is the "best" because there are many factors to consider, and everyone has unique needs. But, Fitbod comes closest to the number one spot, especially when you are on the road.

One of Fitbod's most notable features is the gym profiles, which allow you to switch between settings based on your needs. For instance, you can have one profile for when you are at home and another while traveling. The two can be based on different schedules, available equipment, workout durations, and more. Gym equipment is optional, and Fitbod can also provide bodyweight-only exercise plans.

Fantastic User Interface

The third great thing about Fitbod is the impressive user interface (UI). At the end of 2021, the Fitbod app received a huge update. Some notable improvements are related to the overall look and feel of the app. In other words, this means you can focus on the exercises instead of getting frustrated with navigating through the app.

Compared to other free fitness apps, Fitbod does not bother you with ads or leave you with issues/bugs for a long time. This is because they take their app business very seriously.


The Fitbod app offers a great variety of workouts and requires minimal effort to create a new workout. This is a great foundation to keep the motivation to work out high and the barriers to skip low. In addition, Fitbod sends a push notification on your exercise day with an overview of today's exercises. The time of notification can be adjusted, so it gets delivered at a suitable time.

The app also has a large and engaged community on Facebook, full of people looking to learn and help others elevate their training. Or you can join Fitbod on Reddit and become a FitBodder.

To conclude, is Fitbod worth it?

Fitbod has emerged as a remarkable fitness app that tailors workouts to individual needs, equipment availability, and personal goals, making it a valuable asset for fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

Its sophisticated algorithm, user-friendly interface, and supportive community enhance the workout experience, providing a customized and engaging fitness journey. Although it's a paid app, Fitbod’s comprehensive features and personalized approach justify the investment, making it a worthwhile choice for those committed to achieving their fitness goals efficiently and effectively.

Thanks to the free trial, nothing stops you from trying it for yourself. And if you want to get some advanced tweaks out of the Fitbod App, read our next article on how to get the most out of Fitbod.

Plus, given how fantastic Fitbod is for traveling, it could be the tool that's been missing from your life all these years. You can use our GymFactor tool to find the perfect hotel gym and leverage Fitbod to create workouts based on your schedule, available equipment, free time, and more. Even if you cannot get to a gym for some of your sessions, Fitbod will provide you with a temporary plan to keep the momentum going with little to no equipment.


Let us summarize our Fitbod review by going over some of the typical questions people ask related to the app:

What makes the Fitbod App unique?

At first glance, Fitbod may appear to be just another fitness app. However, as previously noted, it offers several unique features that distinguish it from other apps. For instance, the Fitbod App collects feedback and uses it to design personalized workout plans.

Additionally, the app provides various workouts, helping keep things fresh and allowing you to discover and learn new exercises. Furthermore, Fitbod's library includes 1.000+ high-quality exercise videos from multiple angles, setting it apart from traditional fitness apps.

Is the Fitbod app free?

People often wonder if Fitbod is free, or provides a light version with limited functionality. Unfortunately, Fitbod is only available as a paid fitness app. However, you will receive your first three (3) workouts for free, and you will have access to all of Fitbod Elite's features. Once the trial period ends, you must upgrade to Fitbod Elite, the paid subscription, to continue using the app. Check above for detailed Fitbod Elite costs.

Additionally, some users have mentioned that Fitbod's subscription cost is on the higher end compared to other fitness apps. While the app does provide a lot of value, the price point may be a hurdle for some. If you need something more cost-effective, maybe check-out the workout tracker Hevy.

Is Fitbod the ultimate weightlifting app?

Why not? Fitbod does not overcomplicate things and makes strength training easier by creating a clear roadmap of what to do. However, it is personal taste. Some weightlifters prefer other great fitness apps like Alpha Progression.

From our perspective, both fitness apps are straightforward, and their use of an algorithm makes them stand out by creating workouts custom-tailored to the individual.

For even more options to help you achieve your fitness goals, be sure to check out our page comparing the top selected fitness apps, in case you have not found what you were looking for in this app review.

Can you use Fitbod on Android?

The app was initially launched for iOS in 2015 and had the first version for Android ready in early 2020. However, the Android version of Fitbod is still slightly behind iOS, but developers are putting in a ton of effort to equalize both versions.

Are you an Android User? Then you want to read their public statement on Android Parity Update. More details regarding the feature release plan are available in the Fitbod Support Area; think of their form of a roadmap.

Jefit vs. Fitbod

Jefit is a great workout tracker and planner app for those planning to commit to working out long-term. On the first look, Jefit and Fitbod might even look like each other; because both get the job done.

However, Fitbod is a far superior fitness app. The quality and content in the Fitbod app beat that of Jefit. In addition, this workout app is more intuitive, making it easier to use overall.

The one feature which makes Fitbod stand out is the customized workouts based on your unique goals and available fitness equipment.

For this, Fibod uses an intelligent algorithm that understands your strength-training ability, studies your past workouts, and adapts your plan to match your available gym equipment.

The only issue with Fitbod compared to Jefit is that it only offers limited basic workout logging functions.

Freeletics vs. Fitbod

Fitbod focuses on strength training and offers highly personalized workout plans based on your fitness goals. This elite fitness app tracks your progress and adjusts your workouts based on your performance.

On the other hand, Freeletics is the specialist for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that challenge you with pre-made circuits and randomly generated routines. This makes Freeletics an excellent option for those pushing themselves to the limit.

You can not do anything wrong with either choice of fitness app. However, Fitbod might be better suited for those who prefer structured strength training routines, while Freeletics is a better fit for those who enjoy the challenge of high-intensity workouts. Check out our comprehensive and in-depth review of Freeletics.

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