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10May 2022
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Review of Fitbod - How to take your fitness with you (2022) incl. Discount Code

If you have ever tried working out while traveling, you probably noticed something; it is much more complicated than it looks. Yes, while the act of working out is relatively tricky, knowing where to direct your effort is where the real challenge lies. What if an app can help you train effectively, no matter where you are or what kind of equipment you have access to? And what if with this app you could use a custom weight training workout plan that has been designed and personalized for your unique goals?

To that end, we have put together this post for you. Below, we will discuss one fantastic app called Fitbod. Let us have a more in-depth look at the features and how they work. We have been partnering with Fitbod to secure you a 25% discount for the app. You just have to use "HOTELGYMS" as the promotion code here.

Fitbod – Take your fitness with you

Let us face it: Coming up with an effective fitness plan is not easy, and is one reason people worldwide pay a lot of money to have personal trainers and coaches guide them through the fitness jungle.

But, with Fitbod, things have changed dramatically. With a few clicks on your phone, you can set up the app and have it created custom workouts for you every day. What is more, this app tracks your previous performance, takes your preferences and goals into account, asks for your available fitness equipment (if any), and provides you with unique and effective workouts.

The app has an extensive database of exercises. You can customize it to build workouts that are purely bodyweight, cardio, with equipment (such as weights, battle ropes, and resistance bands), or a combination.

Thanks to its flexibility, the app is perfect for everyone who wants to stay fit. Fitbod does not care if you are backpacking around Thailand, stay in a luxury hotel in Dubai, or, if you are at home, trying to squeeze a 20-minute workout before dinner. In the simplest of terms, this app allows you to train how you like, no matter what your circumstances and goals are.

Workout Quality

Workout apps are a dime a dozen. What sets Fitbod apart from the competition is the sheer quality of the service they provide.

Most workout apps work like this:

  • Step 1 - Install the app.
  • Step 2 - Set some arbitrary goals (e.g., lose weight or burn the most amount of calories).
  • Step 3 - Receive a cookie-cutter workout program.

As we will go over in one of the following points, Fitbod is a lot more sophisticated and considers numerous factors when putting together your workout program. Aside from the fact that the program is tailored to you and your needs, Fitbod accommodates a wide range of training styles, making it a great choice, no matter what type of training you prefer. 

One fascinating thing is the AI-powered training algorithm they use, which understands your ability, past workouts, and available fitness equipment to create your personalized plan. Fitbod also allows you to go in and edit your workouts once you have received them to add or remove exercises.

Most importantly, because the app tracks many things, it provides even better and more targeted workouts for you once you have been training with the app for a while.

Some fun facts: Artificial Intelligence is a very powerful tool; even Hollywood knew this many years ago. If you have not, you might want to check out some top movies about Artificial Intelligence to understand the possibility better.

What are others saying about Fitbod?

According to Apple and Google, the customer and community feedback is very positive in both app stores. With an average star rating of 4.8/5 with 111k Ratings for iOS, the reviews are very positive. On Android, Fitbod gets a star-rating of 4.4/5 with 1’280 reviews. This version was released later in 2020 and is probably still a bit behind.

Most people like its intuitively designed layout that is easy to use and simple to understand and follow. Furthermore, the workouts are created uniquely for you and your goals. Think of this, Fitbod is designed to push you to your limits and make you stronger.


Another thing different from many other fitness apps is that Fitbod will adjust your 1RM, which stands for one-repetition maximum, to closely reflect your actual weightlifting ability without risking injury or over-exertion. Fitbod’s exercise recommendations are based on how much weight you can lift and how often, and in what order you should raise the weights. Read more about this in their blog post.

Update Jan 01, 2022

With Fitbod 3.0, released between Dec 27, 2021 and Jan 1, 2022, the fitness app has become a big refresh with a new and improved interface. All details about the big rebrand has been collected in our blog post

How to get started

Getting started with Fitbod is incredibly easy. First, you need to download it from the app store. Once you are inside, it is time to do some customization. Head over to the “Your Gym” tab and start working down the list:

  1. Available equipment – choose the equipment you have access to for your workouts (if any).
  2. Fitness goals – select a goal (or multiple) so the app can better customize workouts for you.
  3. Workout duration – write down how long you want your workouts to be.
  4. Training experience – write down which category you fall into.
  5. Training splits – if you would like, you can pick a spit that you prefer to follow, and Fitbod will customize your routine around it. For example, an upper/lower or push/pull/legs split.

On top of that, you can also go down the list of exercises and exclude some – for example, if a given movement aggravates your shoulders, you can let the app know, and it will not recommend it to you.

There is also an option for bodyweight-only workouts if you do not have any equipment – for example, if you are on the road and are limited to an in-room exercise. This is also a great way to pimp-up a bad hotel gym.

How much does Fitbod Cost?

Is there a free version of Fitbod? Aside from the free trial, there is no free version of the app. You will get your first three (3) workouts for free after you signed up with your account. After this trial-period, you will have to upgrade to Fitbod Elite, where you will have access to unlimited custom workouts. And as we have been partnering with Fitbod, you can get the app for a discounted price of $59.99 - a saving of 25%, or two grande coffees at Starbucks, yehaa!

The monthly plan costs $12.99, but you can pay $79.99 for an entire year, which is not a bad deal and brings the cost down to $6.66 a month. With this, you have the options of logging as many workouts as you can, use the exercise library, and watch demonstration videos. Click here to redeem your Fitbod discount code ("HOTELGYMS").

Update Nov. 11, 2021

In November 2021 Fitbod informed the community about their price increase and the reason why. As gesture of loyality, all excisting customers have been "grandfathered" and could keep their initial price for lifetime.

Fitbod promo code

What if there is a way to get some additional Fitbod discount? Thanks to our partnership with Fitbod you will receive a 25% off from your next yearly or monthly Fitbod subscription. 

Ready to become a Fitbod member? Enter the Fitbod promo code "HOTELGYMS" at to receive a year of personalized workouts for only $59.99! Please note, discount needs to be redeemed on website, not within the app store.

What we think of Fitbod

Fitbod is a fantastic app. It has a beautiful layout, and it is easy to use. But perhaps the thing that makes the app so unique is its sheer customizability. One of the first things folks notice about Fitbod is the impeccable choice of workouts, exercises, and training styles.

Unlike many other apps, Fitbod has an incredible algorithm. Instead of providing its users with some cookie-cutter workout solution that does not do much for us, it analyzes the data we input and gives us a custom-tailored program. What is more, the app analyzes our previous performance and makes suggestions for our next workouts.

To sum it up, let us also summarize some of the typical questions related to Fitbod:

Do you need special equipment for this? No, as mentioned before, gym equipment is optional, and Fitbot also provides bodyweight-only exercise plans. However, if you have access to equipment, you take advantage of it too. Supported equipment are barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, weight, or cable machines.

For whom is the Fitbod? It is perfect for anyone trying to improve their fitness and wants to have some structure and guidance. It supports beginners with weightlifting or home workout with limited equipment.

Is Fitbod the ultimate weightlifting app? Why not? For some, it certainly will be. Others prefer apps like Strong or Alpha Progression. Overall, the app is straightforward to use, and its use of an algorithm makes it stand out by creating workouts custom-tailored to the individual.

If you have always found yourself struggling to find an excellent program to focus on, Fitbod might be what you need to get started. Thanks to the free trial, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from trying it for yourself. Want to get some advanced tweaks out of the Fitbod App? Read our next article on how to get the most out of Fitbod.

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