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29Jan 2021
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How to use Apps to track your Workouts

Nowadays, many people cannot seem to stick to a fitness plan. For some, the problem is lack of time. Others cannot seem to stay motivated long enough to make a change. But, we all know that working out consistently is incredibly beneficial for us.

With the rise of fitness apps, the good news is that tracking our workouts and staying consistent has become easier than it ever was. Let us see why that is.

Your all-in-one Fitness Tool

The market offers many fitness-related apps, and some of them are amazing. Fitbod and Strong are two prime examples because they allow us to track various aspects of the whole fitness thing.

Strong is probably the most straightforward and most intuitive workout tracker to help you stay on track in the gym. It is specialized for workout tracking using a phone or smartwatch when doing your workout in the gym. The user interface is clean and simple, which makes it very easy to track workouts. It is the little features that make Strong really great and help stay on track in the gym. Get the Strong app here.

Another excellent choice is Fitbod. This app helps build automatic workouts based on your available equipment and customize an exercise based on specific goals and needs. Fitbod stands out with this machine learning capabilities and are great travel compagnion as the app also provides options for in-room and (hotel) gym workouts. Get the Fitbod app with 25% discount here.

Using either of the apps, we can look back at what we have done when we have trained last and how recovered we are now. This is a lot of valuable data that helps us make better training decisions for our upcoming workouts and helps keep us motivated.

A good App will keep you accountable and motivated

While it may sound a bit superficial, it is not. Tracking your performance and training consistency are two of the best ways to keep yourself accountable. This is because if you do not train consistently, the lack of progress is apparent and tells you something: You need to get serious about this.

Apps are also valuable because you get to see them immediately when you put in the effort and make progress. This creates a positive feedback loop where you see results, keep pushing yourself, and see even more progress. 

How to Get Started

The great news is, getting started is incredibly simple. All you have to do is download an app and set it up. The entire process takes no more than ten minutes, and you are ready to go.

Typically, the app will ask some personal questions like:

  • What are your fitness goals?
  • How often can you train and for how long?
  • What kind of equipment do you have access to (if any)?

Then, you either let the app create a workout plan for you or add yours to your profile. The best part is, even if you would train in another gym, or when being abroad, your phone is in 99% of the cases with you – and you can input and track everything with just a few clicks:

  • Sets, reps, and weights
  • Exercises you have done
  • How your performance is changing
  • How recovered you are

If you want to simplify your fitness, manage your workouts, and track your progress effectively, you need an app for that.

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