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04Jan 2022
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The Strong App Review - Think less. Lift more. (2022)

Let us ask you something: Have you ever looked for a good and simple fitness app to track your progress, keep you accountable, and help you stay motivated? Like most fitness enthusiasts, you probably have. After all, most apps seem great and are relatively simple to set up. The problem is, in almost all cases, they fall short. They are either overly complicated to use or simple but lacking essential features.

Today, we will be taking a look at one application - the Strong App. We will go over what you can expect from using it and why we consider it great. Let us dive in.

Strong App - Organize and simplify your training

As you go to their website, you are met with a simple message:

Think less. Lift more.

We could not have put it better ourselves. Too many people today obsess so much over their programming, exercise selection, how long to rest between sets, and other details that they forget to do the actual work. As a result, they feel more overwhelmed without having much to show for their efforts.

Many people love the Strong App precisely because of its simplicity and effectiveness. The interface is clean, simple, and does what it has to do without bells and whistles. Your workout areas include nothing but the essentials, like the exercises, target weight, and target repetition range. All you have to do is look at it, do it, mark it as complete, and work down your list.

You also get easy access to all previous workouts, which you can share, review, and monitor to see how you are progressing. Plus, it can be enriching to look at your profile and know that you have completed dozens, even hundreds of workouts. It almost feels like making progress on a video game.

Put together Workouts in Seconds

The Strong App is fantastic precisely because putting together workouts takes no more than a minute. After you downloaded (Google Store, Apple App Store) and installed the app, all you have to do is:

  1. Step 1: Create a new workout
  2. Step 2: Give it a name
  3. Step 3: Fill in the exercises you want to do

And you are good to go. You can then start training and mark off exercises as you complete them. The number of sets per exercise and target weights can be defined during the workout. The new information will be written to the template when the training is finished (if you choose to do so). By tapping the large green button that says "Finish", the app will mark the workout as complete and store it to review whenever you would like.


You can also adjust workouts on the fly by adding or removing sets and exercises and switching their positions on the fly. For example, if you want to bench first and row second but decide to swap them, the app allows you to do that easily. Feeling great and want to do more than your planned three sets of squats? No problem - simply tap the '+Add set' button, and you are good to go. 

For each workout, you can also add notes, extra thoughts, and other helpful information. For example, you can add a message that says, "I felt great that day." As you later review it, you will know why you performed unusually well. You can also add reminders or warnings for yourself. For example, if you are actively trying to improve your squat depth, you can write, "Make sure to squat to parallel!" As you start the workout, the reminder will appear and keep you in check.

About the Dollars

Ah, yes, about that - the price. How much would the app cost you? The benefits it offers seem impressive, but can you afford it? Well, here is the kicker: The application is free. That is right. You get all of these benefits and conveniences without having to pay anything for it - no purchase price and no subscription cost. How cool is that? Of course, there are some in-app purchases you can make if you want to. These range from $0.99 to $6.99 but are entirely optional, and you do not have to get any of them to use the app effectively.

How to get started with Strong App

Getting started with the Strong App is quite simple. All you have to do is install it, create a profile, and go about building your workouts. You will see a screen with a button, "Start an empty Workout," that allows you to build various workouts from scratch. There, you can add exercises, weight, warm-up sets, sets, repetition goals, notes, suggestions, and more.

Once you have built your weekly workout list, the app will now store your data and allow you to go back, review your performance, and see what you can improve. If you do not feel like building workouts from scratch, you can also pick from various proven programs like:

  • Wendler's 5/3/1
  • Bigger Leaner Stronger
  • JE Intermediate Program
  • and more.

plan. travel. workout.

If you work out in your (home) gym regularly and can rely on the equipment, the Strong App is great. If you need to adjust it frequently because of your travels or changing gym rooms, this might get a bit of a hassle. For this scenario, we recommend the Fitbod app, which is great for automatically creating various workouts and built-in progression. Have a look here.

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