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08Aug 2023
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How to use Hevy: A step-by-step Guide to track your success

Hevy is simple to use, intuitive, incredibly reliable, and surprisingly versatile. To top it off, the team behind Hevy works hard to improve the app by fixing bugs and introducing new options without hindering the user experience for those only interested in the basic features.

We have put together this quick step-by-step guide to showcase how effortless using Hevy is. We will review Hevy’s features and how to use them in your training.

Let's dive into the world of Hevy workouts.

What is Hevy?

Hevy is a gym tracker phone app with a beautiful and simplistic interface that makes workout logging and progress tracking effortless.

The primary thing that sets Hevy apart from the countless fitness apps on the market is the user experience. Unlike most apps that are complex and confusing to understand, Hevy is intuitive and light. It includes everything you need for a great gym experience and nothing you do not need.

As such, even die-hard fans of the old-fashioned workout log find Hevy to be a nice change of pace.

The primary thing you can do with Hevy is to put together your workouts and include all the necessary details:

  • Exercises
  • Reps
  • Sets
  • Rate of perceived exertion (RPE)
  • Rest periods

Some of Hevy's lesser-known features include:

  • Create custom exercises in case Hevy's rich library does not have one or more of your favorite movements
  • Share your workouts with other app users, friends, or your coach 
  • Train others or get coached through the new platform Hevy Coach
  • Add notes to individual exercises for extra information when reviewing your performance later
  • Record body measurements (e.g., chest, arms, waist, thighs, etc.)
  • Calculate how much weight you need to add to a barbell to get your desired load with the plate calculator feature
  • Use drop sets and supersets in your training by marking exercises in your workouts accordingly

How to use Hevy and make the most of it?

Create Routines

One of the first things you can do once you have installed Hevy is to click on 'New Routine' and create one.

Routines are pre-made workout sessions that include all the necessary details: exercises, weight, number of sets, how many reps to do per set, target RPE, notes for individual exercises, etc.

Instead of assembling workouts from scratch each time, routines allow you to jump straight into your scheduled training without skipping a beat.

Hevy's free version allows you to have up to four routines at a time. You will need a Hevy Pro subscription to have more than that.

Use the 'Explore' Feature for Inspiration

The explore feature inside Hevy gives you access to other people's training plans. You can check out various pre-made routines (including some from other users) to draw inspiration when designing your training.

Analyze Your Performance

The area where Hevy truly excels is progress tracking. Hevy is equipped with all the tools and neat features a lifter needs to track performance and know if they are improving. 

A straightforward way to analyze your performance is to head over to a recent workout, tap it, and click on one of the movements. The app will bring up a graph showing how well you've performed on that movement.

You also get info on:

  • Heaviest weight - what's the maximum you've lifted on that movement
  • Best 1RM - the estimated amount of weight you can lift for a single rep based on your past performance
  • Best set volume - highlights your best performance so far (weight used and for how many reps)
  • Best session volume - a calculation of your best volume load (reps x weight x sets) so far

Review your Statistics

Head over to your profile, and you will see a Statistics tab. Once you click on it, you can see data from the last 30 days, three months, year, or all time. The latter two options are only available with a Pro subscription.

The statistics are cool because they put all the work you do in the gym into perspective. You can see things like:

  • How many workouts have you completed
  • How much total volume have you done
  • Your average workout volume
  • The number of reps you do per workout
  • Your average workout duration
  • How many recovery days do you take per week on average

Aside from giving you a motivational kick, seeing all that data can be a great way to understand your training better and notice potential issues with the way you structure your training.

Enjoy quick and improvised Workouts on the go

Another thing that defines Hevy as a great app is its sheer flexibility. Your routines will be your go-to for training because they save you time and remove all the guesswork.

However, individual workouts can be great while traveling or if you need help to make it to the gym and must train at home or outside instead. Click on 'Start empty Workout' and assemble a quick session with your available equipment.

Thanks to the clean interface, doing so only takes a minute, and you are ready to begin.

Dive into the Exercise Library

Hevy features a rich library of roughly 400 exercises that train all the major muscle groups with different types of equipment. 

You can visit the library to get ideas for new exercises and use the filter options to see only specific activities. For example, if you only have a pair of dumbbells and want to train legs, go to the library, find dumbbells under 'All Equipment,' and select the leg muscles under 'All Muscles.' 

You can also access your statistics on different movements in the library and read How to instructions to master each exercise in no time.

Track & Log Body Measurements

Gone are the days when you had to write down circumference measurements, body fat percentage, body weight, and other important fitness metrics in a notebook or note-taking app.

With Hevy, you can log all that information and easily see how your measurements compare over time. Simply go to your profile, click 'Measures,' and input everything that matters to you.

Use the Web App

Thanks to the simple interface, the Hevy app is a pleasure to use. However, if you are not the biggest fan of doing everything on your phone or prefer to review your data on a bigger screen, the Hevy web app has you covered.

You can go to, log into your profile, and gain instant access to your profile - as seen from your phone. The feed displays your most recent workouts, allowing easy access, and you can pick multiple options from the top bar: Routines, Exercises, Profile, etc.

Put together routines and workouts more quickly, adjust the necessary profile settings, and explore the Suggested Athletes section on the right side to connect with other users.

Final Words on Using Hevy

Taking the time to log your workouts is necessary for progress tracking. After all, how can you hope to improve if you do not know what you have done a week or a month ago?

The problem is that most solutions out there do not work that well. They are complex to learn and take up your valuable time. 

Hevy is the favorite workout tool for many lifters precisely because it is simple and doesn't take long to figure out, especially with our helpful guide.


How much does Hevy cost?

Here are the subscription costs for Hevy Pro:

  • Monthly fee: $2.99
  • Annual fee: $23.99 (comes to $2/month)
  • Lifetime access: $74.99

When signing up for Hevy Pro, make sure to use the discount code "HOTELGYMS" to secure your discount.

Is Hevy simple to use?

Yes, one of Hevy's defining features is its simplicity. The interface is clear of any distractions and intuitive to use. It takes just a few minutes to figure out where all the important options are and start logging your workouts like a boss.

What other cool features does Hevy offer?
The folks behind Hevy are dedicated and consistently roll out updates that improve the user experience and the app's overall reliability.

Some recent additions to the Hevy app include live syncing of your mobile and web app routines, improved exercise search usability, and the ability to retain exercise data (number of sets, weight used, etc.) when changing movements.

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