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30May 2022
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Working out at Home is not as bad as it looks

With the outbreak of COVID-19, travel has essentially been shut down. Those who frequently traveled to their favorite places in Singapore, London, or New York might found themselves struggling to find a regular time for their workouts. Now it looks like there is all the time in the world for some home exercise, but of course, your favorite hotel gym is not available. Yet, now it can seem like working out at home is even more of a drag. Instead, let’s look at some aspects that can make workouts at home better than expected.

It is important to take a positive mindset in this stressful time. While it can be nice to workout while traveling, working out at home can provide other advantages. It gives a sense of familiarity with the environment and the workout regime. Working out from home can really give you a new routine to bring the next time that you do travel to a hotel gym. The more you familiarize yourself with a routine, the more natural it becomes. Even though we aren’t traveling anymore, it is important to keep up the activity. No matter where you are, staying active is key. Lets look at a few things to Consider

Social distancing

Working out from home also keeps you protected from the COVID-19 virus. In Europe, the recommended distance between two people is between 1.5 (4.9 ft) and 2 meters (6.5 ft). Keeping this distance in a regular gym can prove to be quite a challenge. When you work out at home, you can keep your entire focus on the exercise at hand rather than what others may be doing and if they keep the distance required. Once this finally subsides and you can get back to traveling around and using the gyms at your favorite hotels, this won’t be an issue anymore.

Rhythm is a Dancer

One of the best ways to get yourself motivated is through the use of music. You can listen to what you want, at the volume you want. No more need for headphones, which can be misplaced or lost at a public gym. You can also get away with singing whatever you want at home — even ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

You are what you eat

What should be kept in mind is that all the exercise in the world will prove ineffective without the right eating habits. If you want to look good, applying 80 percent of your focus to eating right. Those who travel and solely eat in hotel lounges are at a disadvantage. If you bring the good diet you formed at home to a hotel gym once the pandemic lifts, that’s a pretty big advantage.

Workout at your own Pace

Working out in a gym has the benefit of getting motivated by others. You might want to consider using a fitness app like Fitbod, Freeltics or Alpha Progression to help you plan your workout. Not only does a fintess app allow you to get a good workout organized, but it also keeps track of your record and progress. And who is not getting energized by their success, huh?!

plan. travel. workout.

To conclude, until you can go back to your favorite hotel with the best gyms in Barcelona, Miami, or San Diego, it is important to make the most of your time at home. Everyone is looking forward to the end of the pandemic. It will arrive at some point. No pandemic lasts forever. But in the meantime, there is no reason to miss out on workouts while at home. Instead, get your summer body in shape and plan your next vacation. You do not have the equipment? Have a look at our another post on working out at home

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