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23Oct 2023
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Benefits of Home Workouts: More Than Meets the Eye

Home fitness training has become more popular than ever, partially thanks to the pandemic and the current recession. While fitness studios and gyms will be popular and in demand for a long time, home training is now a viable option for countless trainees worldwide. After all, working out at home is convenient and effective.

Today's article will discuss the best exercise equipment for your home, including tips and tricks you should use to make your home gym a fantastic one. The best part is that your home gym can take up only part of the room (e.g., the garage). With our recommendations, you can create a home exercise setup without spending thousands of dollars or taking up a lot of space. We will also go over home training, discuss the unique benefits, and show you why it is a viable way to train. Let's get into it.

The main Categories in Home Training

When it comes to working out at home, there are three main categories of exercise:

  • Bodyweight Training
  • Weight Training
  • Cardio Training

Each category offers its benefits and challenges, and it always depends on personal preferences and goals which option or which combination works best. That is why we will explore these three categories in more detail and provide tips and examples for each so that you can find the right type of home workout for you.

Bodyweight Training Recommendations

Training at home means you might be limited to bodyweight exercises. The good news is that even if that is the case, you have plenty of great activities to pick from, including push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lunges. In addition, various pieces of fitness equipment can make your training more fun, allow you to vary the intensity, and have great workouts.

In this section, we recommend the TRX Suspension Training System. The item is the best investment in the bodyweight category because it allows you to perform countless effective exercises and variations. Here are some examples:

  • Bodyweight chest fly
  • Inverted rows
  • Tricep press (extension)
  • Single-leg squat (supported)
  • Bulgarian split squat (rear leg suspended)
  • Bodyweight hamstring curls
  • TRX pike
  • Atomic push-up

The most challenging part of owning a TRX training system is figuring out where to place and mount it. These suspension kits do not take up much space, but you have to position yours somewhere you can train freely and have enough room. One practical option is to connect it to a door via a special door anchor. Moreover, TRX can also be a great gadget to take with you on the road. Again, the suspension kit does not take up much space, and you can mount it securely so long as you have a sturdy door available. An alternative to TRX would be a pullup bar, which can be door or wall mounted.

Aside from the TRX, we cannot move on without giving a second recommendation in this category: a good yoga or exercise mat. Having one is essential because it provides support and a sturdy foundation for bodyweight exercises, especially those you perform lying down.

It is best to get a slightly larger mat to have a big enough foundation for various exercises. For example, a six by four feet mat, such as the one from Cambivo, will work well for most people, but you can get a smaller one if you are limited in space.

Weight Training Recommendations

The great thing about exercise is that you can do it anywhere, even at home. While it is not practical to get various items found in a big box gym, there are valuable pieces of equipment that seem made for home training.

One of the best investments you can make is to get a pair of adjustable dumbbells like those from Bowflex. First, these dumbbells allow you to adjust the load in seconds and have the correct resistance level for any exercise. Whether you want to do a heavy set of goblet squats or some lighter lateral raises, these dumbbells make working out simple and convenient. Second, adjustable dumbbells do not take up much space - you can even place them under your bed and take them out when it is time to work out. In contrast, non-adjustable dumbbells require much more space because you need multiple pairs for effective workouts. Third, adjustable dumbbells cost far less than standard ones. You might have to pay a bit more upfront, but these dumbbells will last you for many years and pay huge dividends in the long run.

Aside from grabbing a pair of dumbbells, we recommend investing in a quality adjustable bench if you have the available space and funds. The downside of a gym bench is that it takes up more space, and you can not simply fold it and stash it somewhere out of sight. Plus, a quality bench costs upward of $300. However, having a gym bench is nice because you can pair it with dumbbells and perform excellent exercises like:

  • Flat and incline dumbbell press
  • Seated bicep curls, lateral raises, and tricep extensions
  • Chest-supported rows
  • Dumbbell rows

Cardio Training Recommendations

Those who can afford cardio equipment should check out the following section. Aerobic exercise is a fantastic way to get fit, lose weight, and improve your mental health. For instance, one study from 2006 points out:

Evidence has suggested that exercise may be an often-neglected intervention in mental health care. Aerobic exercises, including jogging, swimming, cycling, walking, gardening, and dancing, have been proved to reduce anxiety and depression.

The problem is that picking from the many options on the market can get challenging. Our number one recommendation is the Peloton stationary bike. The company offers excellent high-quality bikes that make the workout experience blissful. What sets Peloton apart from most other companies is its subscription service. Aside from purchasing a premium-level bike from them, you can sign up for a subscription that offers goodies like:

  • Various unique workouts that last from 5 to 90 minutes
  • Access to instructors that lead you through workout sessions
  • Live weekly classes, you can follow along at home
  • Fun and varied sessions that keep your fitness journey fresh and engaging

A treadmill can also be a good option for people who enjoy walking, jogging, and running. You can check out the special treadmill workout ideas we have put together. One cardio equipment which is often underestimated is the rowing machine. It is perfect for weight loss as it works for multiple muscle groups and ensures minimal stress on the body due to the seated position. Additionally, it uses the entire body in a workout to target more muscles than just the lower body.

Why working out at Home is not as bad as People think

While it can be nice to train at gyms, doing so might not always be possible. While the pandemic was one reason, work or other arrangements might make it challenging to carve out the time needed. However, regardless of where you are, strive to be active, and know that home training is a good option. Let's highlight some benefits when you are exercising at home.

Social Distancing: A good reason to train at Home

Working out from home is a great way to protect yourself from COVID-19 and other viruses. Throughout the pandemic, the recommended distance between individuals has been 1.5 to 2 meters (4.9 to 6 feet). However, keeping your distance at a regular gym can be pretty challenging, so home training is a good alternative. Instead of worrying about distancing yourself from others, you can keep your entire focus on your workout and make fantastic progress.

Freedom to enjoy any music you like

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is through music. The great thing about training at home is that you can listen to whatever you like and be as loud as you want (assuming that you are not disturbing your neighbors of course). You do not have to use headphones, which can get misplaced or lost in a public gym. And the best, you can also get away with singing along for extra motivation - even ABBA's Dancing Queen. Hey, no judgment!

Do not forget about motivation

Working out at a public gym can be good for getting motivated by others. For example, seeing a strong person squat 300, 400, or even 500 pounds can inspire you to train harder and build strength. On the other hand, training at home can be less "eventful" because there is no external motivation.

You must rely on yourself to stay motivated and keep pushing yourself. To that end, consider using a fitness app like Fitbod, Freeletics, or Alpha Progression to plan your training and stay motivated. A fitness app is an excellent tool for staying organized and helps you keep track of your records and progress. After all, who does not get motivated by progress and achieving goals?

Tips for setting up a safe and effective Home Gym

When setting up a home gym, it is essential to keep a few things in mind to ensure that it is effective and safe. With these tips in mind, you will be well on your way to setting up a great home gym that will help you stay in shape and achieve your fitness goals.

Here are some valuable tips to help you set up your home gym and get the most out of your workouts.

Invest in quality Equipment

Investing in durable equipment that provides a safe and effective workout is essential for setting up a home gym. Cheap, flimsy equipment is more likely to break and can be dangerous. Investing in high-quality equipment allows you to get a better workout, avoid injuries, and save money in the long run. Some good brands for home equipment are Bowflex, Life Fitness (use SAVE10 to get a 10% discount), TRX, and Peloton.

Choose the right Location

Choosing the right location for your home gym is another critical consideration. You will want to select a large enough space to accommodate your equipment and allow you to move around freely. A dedicated room or a corner of your garage are popular options. Still, you can also use a corner in your home office or another space free of distractions to focus on your workout and stay motivated.

Invest in Storage

Organizing and storing your equipment is essential to setting up a home gym. Ensure you have enough space to store your equipment when not used. This will help keep your gym organized and tidy, and will also help prolong the life of your equipment. When deciding on equipment, check how and where you can store it away.

Make it Comfortable

Comfort is key when setting up your home gym. You will want to make sure the temperature is comfortable and that you have enough ventilation to keep the air fresh. It is also important to consider the lighting and sound, as they can significantly impact your workout experience. Experiment to find what works best for you.


In conclusion, home fitness training has become a viable and popular option for people worldwide due to its convenience and effectiveness, particularly in light of the pandemic and recession.

Regarding working out at home, we recommend the TRX Suspension Training System and a pair of adjustable dumbbells like those from Bowflex. This combination already provides you many options, especially when paired with a good fitness app.

By following these recommendations, you can create an effective and functional home gym without spending a lot of money or taking up too much space.

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