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07Aug 2023
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Peloton Bikes: The Ultimate Guide to using Peloton while Traveling

A new trend comes seemingly out of nowhere and sweeps across the fitness world every once in a while. But, significantly since the pandemic, a lot has changed in the fitness industry.

At first glance, we cannot be sure just how useful something is until we hear what the market says. Sometimes, we see the "birth" of a great thing. But then, we witness nothing more than a trend that quickly fades out of existence in other cases.

Today, we will go over a company that took the fitness and cycling world by storm and grew incredibly fast from year to year, Peloton. We will deep dive into the features, costs and even the process of finding hotel gyms with peloton bikes.

But first, let us investigate their product being a stationary bike.

The stationary Bike

Let's face it, stationary bikes are hardly exciting. Every gym has at least five of them, and no matter the make, they typically look, feel, and ride the same. Use one, and you might as well have used them all. Plus they often do not give you the same feeling that cycling does.

They are effective and useful, sure. But these stationary bikes are far from awe-inspiring.

Yet, interestingly enough, the company we will be looking at today has managed to transform this once-boring piece of fitness equipment into one that grabs attention and commands respect.

What is Peloton?

In 2012, a company was brought to life. Their idea was simple: create premium fitness products. One of these products was a stationary bike - the Peloton bike. In 2014, they realized their first bike sale, and the company has seen rapid growth ever since. 

These days, Peloton offers premium-priced stationary bikes. For example, the bike+ basic package costs a little under EUR 2'690 (USD 2'500) or EUR 69 (USD 64) per month for 39 months.

But here is what really sets Peloton apart from its competition: Aside from the bike, the company also offers a subscription-based membership that offers classes. With a subscription, folks receive:

  • Live weekly classes.
  • Different workouts that last from 5 to 90 minutes.
  • Instructors that tell you exactly what to do and how.
  • Exciting and interactive workout classes.

What benefits does Peloton offer, and is it worth it?

If you decide to lease the bike+ package and get a full-access membership for another EUR 39 (USD 39) per month/bike. This means you will have to spend EUR 108 (USD 103) every month.

Is the cost justified? As always, it depends!

To answer this, you first need to ask yourself:

  • How much money do you currently spend on fitness (e.g., gym membership, commuting, etc.)?
  • How convenient is it for you to maintain your current fitness program?
  • And most importantly, what are your fitness goals?

If you currently pay more than EUR 108 (USD 103) per month for your training, then Peloton might be a better alternative. Of course, this also depends on your primary fitness goals and the type of equipment you typically use when you go to the gym.

For example, if you usually go to a gym purely for cardio equipment, investing in a bike can be better. Plus, once it is paid off, the bike is yours indefinitely, and you only need to pay the monthly membership.

And we also need to keep in mind the time and money you invest in commuting. With a Peloton bike, you have everything you need at home, which can help make you a lot more consistent with your training and save you time.

Now, if you also enjoy strength training and use a wide range of gym equipment, then the Peloton bike might not be the best choice (or the only choice).

Sure, the bike+ package offers some extra gear, and there are various workouts you can do, but that may not be enough.

For example, if you enjoy doing classic gym exercises like the squat, bench press, and deadlift, Peloton might not be enough for you.

How to use a Peloton Bike at a Hotel Gym

Even Peloton bikes have become incredibly popular in recent years; they are still pricey to get for home use. This could discourage people from getting one. Or they do not know if they really will enjoy it. There is, however, a fantastic alternative: Using a Peloton at a hotel.

1: Register With Peloton

The first and easiest step is to head over to the official website and register with Peloton. The process is quick, and you will later use your login information on the bike.

Typically, you will not have to pay anything to use a Peloton at a hotel. They should provide the membership, and all you need to do is sign in with your username and password.

2: Bring essential Accessories for your Workout

It is good to have some water to keep hydrated and a towel to wipe off sweat. Also, it is good gym etiquette to wipe the sweat off the equipment after using it.

Get yourself a pair of headphones, too. They will come in handy if you choose to listen to the class instructions. Aside from that, you can listen to some music to pump yourself up. 

Many people these days also enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks while doing cardio. That is a great way to kill two birds with one stone - train your mind and body. The downside is, you might not be able to get in "the zone" as easily.

3: Once on the Bike, sign in

Once you get to the bike, you will have to sign in. This is why it is best to have your account ready beforehand. That way, you get to save time when it matters and get to enjoy your workouts quicker.

Again, you should not have to pay for a membership to use a Peloton in a hotel.

4: Adjust the Bike and get started

Once you have signed in and you are ready to go, take a few seconds to adjust the bike to fit you better. Specifically, you should adjust the saddle height and handlebars to assume the correct riding posture before starting.

After that, choose a basic ride type and get started. If this is your first time riding a Peloton, it is best to pick an easier one to see how it feels. Groove is a fantastic option as it offers a unique experience and sometimes syncs movement patterns to music beats.

How to find Hotels with Peloton Bikes?

If you are a fan of Peloton, you are probably also interested in hotels providing a Peloton stationary bike.

There is probably no better feeling than having a Peloton Bike in the hotel or even in your hotel room as a member. But, the good news, there are hundreds of hotels in the United States and Canada that have at least one Peloton Bike. 

You can use the Peloton Hotel Finder tool to find all the hotels with Peloton Bikes at your desired destination. Or even better and easier, check out our search options at - we provide you this information along with all other details about the fitness equipment available in the hotel.

No Peloton Bike at your Hotel? No Problem!

Even if your hotel does not house a Peloton bike, you do not have to forego the immersive cycling experience. Consider trying out the Motosumo app. This innovative app offers an experience similar to Peloton but is compatible with any stationary bike.

That means you can maintain your cardio momentum and enjoy interactive workouts, regardless of the equipment available. Intrigued by the potential of this innovative app? Dive into our in-depth Motosumo review to discover if it is the right fit for your travel fitness needs.

Some final thoughts

The thing that sets Peloton apart from the rest is the sense of community they have created for their customers. Feeling like we belong to something greater than ourselves can serve as a huge motivator. It can also bring deep fulfillment and make us push ourselves much harder in our training.

Also, Peloton recently partnered with Westin, and commercial bikes are now available at many of their hotel fitness centers or privately in your room.

But whether the bike suits you is more complicated, and you need to look at things from all angles. You might want to read the in-depth review from Ray, which gives a really good perspective.

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