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23Oct 2023
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Selecting the right Cardio Machine: Your comprehensive Guide to Heart-Healthy Equipment

If you are looking to spend some money on cardio equipment, you are probably excited. You get to train in the comfort of your home, and you do not have to worry about transitioning to gym training or wearing a face mask.

Choosing can feel like being a kid in a candy store - a tad overwhelming but thrilling! Fear not, for this guide is your golden ticket. We will unwrap the goodness of each option, revealing the chewy center of benefits and the occasional sour bits.

So, buckle up! Let’s ride through the fun, fabulous, and funky world of cardio machines, finding which one sweetens the deal for your fitness journey!

The Cardio Machines

Let us dive into the topic of the top cardio machines that are good for your workout at home, or at your next hotel gym. First up, we have the trusty Treadmill. It is like your reliable friend who is always up for a walk or run, rain or shine.

Next, say hello to the Elliptical. It is the smooth operator, making workouts feel like a friendly, low-impact dance, where every step is a glide.

And of course, the Stationary Bike - your go-to for a heart-pumping ride that is as adventurous as it is comfortable.

Most people think about these three primary options as a cardio device. But have you also thought of the Rowing Machine? It is all about giving you a full-body workout, making every muscle join the fitness party.

Not only will these cardio machines give you heart-pumping and sweat-including workout, but they will also help you burn more calories... To that end, we have put together this post to help you make the right choice. 

Ready to meet them?


Treadmill Cardio Equipment

An all-time classic of the cardio machines is the treadmill. It is typically used to walk, jog or run forwards. The device is excellent for those who want to go for a run without having to battle outdoor elements. Because there are so many different options for using a treadmill, the calorie burn can be as intense or minimal as you see fit.

Treadmills excel in supporting weight loss and enhancing cardiovascular endurance. However, they are not low-impact, posing a risk of wear and tear on the lower body joints.

Need a program to make your treadmill workout better? Head over to our workout section and check-out our hotel gym-optimized treadmill workout. Please note you must be careful and listen to your body to avoid any injuries - better safe than sorry.

Pros ⭐️ Not so much ❌
You can walk or run indoors It is more expensive
You get to exercise upright and work on your posture It takes up more space and is more difficult to move
It is easy to get started It is loud
It is great for burning lots of calories It is higher impact

Stationary Bike

Stationary Bike

The stationary bike is a trendy choice and an efficient way to become fitter and healthier. It is very convenient, as you can use it anytime you like, no matter the weather, and they are great for weight loss and because they get you moving and burning calories.

Stationary bikes are a powerhouse for facilitating weight loss and delivering a robust full-body workout. Renowned for their low-impact nature, these bikes are a sanctuary for joints, making them a stellar choice for an effective and comfortable exercise experience.

Pros ⭐️ Not so much ❌
There is no learning curve It mostly works your lower body
It is low-impact, making it great for beginners and overweight folks You have to exercise seated
It burns a modest number of calories It can get a bit monotonous
You can train with a variety of intensities  


Elliptical Cardio Equipment

The elliptical machine is another very common one seen in most of the gyms. It is a great weight loss cardio machine that is also low-impact and places less stress on your joints. This is also an excellent option for those who need to ease back into exercise after injury or surgery.

Ellipticals stand as paragons of fitness finesse. These machines are architects of weight loss, and maestros in cultivating balance and coordination. With their gentle embrace, ellipticals offer a low-impact performance, ensuring that your journey to fitness is both powerful and kind to your joints.

Pros ⭐️ Not so much ❌
It trains your whole body It can be relatively loud
It burns a lot of calories It is heavier and takes up more space
You get many features and training programs Good models are costly
It is low-impact, similar to stationary bikes  

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine

And here we are with the rowing machine, the wild card. It is actually one of the best cardio machines that are good for weight loss. It works in multiple muscle groups and ensures minimal stress on the body due to the seated position. It is also a great option to use the entire body in a workout as it targets more muscles than just the lower body.

Rowing machines navigate the fitness waters with unparalleled prowess. These machines captain the ship of weight loss and command a full-body workout, orchestrating every muscle with precision and purpose. Sailing smoothly through each stroke, rowing machines offer a low-impact voyage, ensuring that your fitness journey is as gentle as it is effective.

Pros ⭐️ Not so much ❌
It trains your entire body Poor technique can lead to back pain
It is fun and engaging They can be noisy
It does not take much to learn the basic technique and get started It can get monotonous to row for long periods
It is affordable and takes up less space  

Which of the four wins?

Picking one of the four equipment pieces can be challenging, especially if you plan on using it often. After all, you would not want to pick one piece of equipment only to regret it later.

Rowing Machine

Perhaps a better way to pick one over the other is to look at yourself: What goals do you have? How much money can you spend? What are your primary fitness goals? Even more importantly, which piece of equipment do you enjoy using most? While overlooked, the factor of enjoyability plays a massive role in our overall investment, how much we push ourselves, and how consistent we are with our training.

For example, if ratings suggest that it is best to buy a treadmill, but you find it dull and uninspiring, do you believe it to be the right choice for you? Or what if you have knee issues?

Here are some recommendations to keep in mind:

  1. Go for the rowing machine if your primary goals are to develop your upper body and get stronger. A rowing machine is also a budget-friendly option that offers more diverse training.
  2. Go for the elliptical if you want to train your entire body and enjoy doing high-intensity training. The elliptical is also low-impact, making it an excellent option for overweight folks and those with previous injuries.
  3. Go for the treadmill if you love walking and running as a means of getting fit and burn calories. Also, keep in mind that the treadmill tends to put a bit more stress on your knees and ankles.
  4. Go for the bike if you are looking for a budget option, and you do not mind doing rather dull training. You can also do HIIT-style workouts on it or sign-up for a Peloton.

Some people find treadmills less enjoyable, often preferring the freshness of an outdoor run. Similarly, when it comes to stationary bikes, the distraction of a TV sometimes overshadows the workout itself. However, there is a fondness for treadmills and rowing machines, with consideration even being given to welcoming one into the home for a more personalized fitness experience.

Using Cardio Equipment with a Fitness App

Integrating cardio equipment with fitness apps can significantly enhance your workout experience. Here is a simple guide on how to pair your equipment with a fitness app for optimized workouts.

  • Treadmill: Using an app like Fitbod with your treadmill can make your workouts more structured. The app can help set your pace, manage intervals, and adjust inclines, making your running sessions more dynamic and effective.
  • Elliptical: Pairing the elliptical with Fitbod ensures that each session is well-guided. The app can help manage resistance levels and provide structured workouts to make the most out of your elliptical sessions.
  • Stationary Bike: For indoor cycling, Motosumo is a great app to consider. It offers live classes, performance tracking, and connects you with a community of cyclists, enhancing your stationary bike workouts with guidance and motivation.
  • Rowing Machine: Again, using Fitbod with your rowing machine can help manage your stroke rates and resistance, ensuring that your workouts are efficient and focused on improving your strength and endurance.

Using a fitness app with your cardio equipment ensures that your workouts are more structured, tracked, and varied, enhancing your overall fitness experience. Benefits of Using a Fitness App:

  • Fitness apps provide structured workouts, helping you make the most out of your cardio sessions.
  • These apps help monitor your progress, keeping a record of your workouts and improvements.
  • Fitness apps introduce diversity in your workouts, preventing them from becoming monotonous.

To Conclude

In the candy store of cardio, choosing the sweetest equipment is a delightful dilemma. Remember, the best pick is not just about ratings or popularity; it is about what makes your fitness journey joyful and sustainable.

Consider your goals, budget, and what kind of exercise sprinkles fun into your routine. Whether it is the rhythmic rowing, the energetic elliptical, the trusty treadmill, or the breezy bike, choose the one that makes your heart race in the best way. Happy exercising!

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