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01Jul 2021
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Get more out of your running exercise

Recall as a kid when running was the norm? Running all the time without rest and not knowing the benefits of the runs was the child thing you did. As an adult now, you are fully aware of the health benefits running comes with. Running brings a load of health goodies to your body like weight control, wherein a run as 60 kg (132 lbs) person 445 calories are burnt hourly on jogging. Running will also make sure your heart health is equal to your mental health.

Deciding to run will be accompanied by the decision to run on a treadmill or in the open air. Julio Cardona has created a great article that goes through the pros and cons of each and explains how it is possible to do both.

Running on a Treadmill.

Julio writes about the comfort and excitement of working out from indoors since you can do this at home since it removes the barriers of lousy weather accompanied by outdoor running. To enhance the benefits of using a treadmill, there will be other advantages like:

  • Fair Surface. The treadmill's surface is purely flat and does not feature bumps and ditches that could lead to injuries during workouts.
  • Control. The treadmill is customized, and the user can set the warm-up pace, incline, and cool-down pace they want to use, making it convenient.
  • Fitness Analysis. Treadmills monitor the heart rate, distance and helps show the progress attained in the workout.

Running Outdoors

Some people may prefer outdoor running over the treadmill, although running comes with similar benefits regardless of the environment. Outdoor running seems more fun since it gives dynamic terrain. It is cheap (besides a good pair of running shoes). One can run while attending to a particular issue, enjoying the natural view of a new place, and enjoying the weather. These characteristics of the environment could be encouraging for a runner.

Although it has the goodness of nature, outdoor running can be accompanied by dangers of; insecurity, injury in the bumpy grounds, bad weather that could affect your health, and the weather that could make it impossible to run.

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Julio provides a lot of great insights in the article referenced above. It does not matter which option you choose, generally running helps with a lot of things: improved moods, improved physical fitness, and psychological and mental well-being. At, we support the importance of running and have released a treadmill workout, created by our Personal Trainer Christian Roberts. Additionally, we are working on an integration of recommended running routes around hotels – so you can enjoy your outdoor and indoor sports wherever you are. Stay tuned, more exiciting things are coming soon.

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