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23Aug 2022
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5 simple ways to stay fit when traveling for work

Do you have a job that requires occasional travel? Business trips can be exhausting whether you are a seasoned jet setter or a roadshow newbie. A study shared by Hilton Hotels & Resorts showed, that productivity levels can drop for business travelers. The good news? Exercise is the best antidote. While traveling, those who exercised were more alert and reactive, performing an incredible 61 percent better than non-exercisers. 

So how do you stay fit while traveling for work? Being on the road can throw everything out of whack, especially when used to a particular routine. So, try these five tips to help you stay healthy, even when you’re on the company’s schedule. Let us dive in.

1. Move!

Even the busiest travel plans have waiting periods. You wait for a pickup by a taxi or your Uber or between flights. Explore the airport and walk around, carry your luggage, do squats or lunges while you wait, or stretch when you are sitting around. Take every opportunity to walk, take the stairs, skip the rope and practice tensing and releasing your stomach muscles.

When you are traveling, you have the opportunity to see new places. So before you start your day, try getting up 20 minutes earlier for a brisk walk or jog outside. The fresh air will help you wake up, and you can use the unfamiliar scenery to your advantage – talk about motivation!

2. Prepare mentally

Think about how you will adapt your exercise and eating routines ahead of time to feel confident in your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are on the road. For example, you may want to plan not to overindulge at those company dinners. 

Even if you have a dinner meeting or a night out with coworkers planned, set an end-time before the night even begins so you know when to pack it in. Remind yourself how important it is to get the National Institute of Health’s suggested seven to eight hours of sleep for the busy day ahead. 

3. Get a Coffee

If you stay at a hotel, the room likely has a coffee maker. So why not get creative and use it? Having a coffee is a welcome addition to a fitness routine. Alternatively, you could heat water for instant oatmeal or tea and skip the pastries at continental breakfast.

Is there no coffee maker in the room? Have a walk to the coffee shop next door. You get to explore the area and enjoy your morning coffee. 

4. Drink lots of water

The humidity in the cabin of an airplane decreases, taking the moisture out of the air, which explains why you can quickly become dehydrated when flying. Best to get a water bottle at the airport, so you do not only rely on the cabin service. 

It may also be the key to getting rid of unhealthy toxins. When traveling, that can include the delicious food you are eating or different particles in the environment. In addition, bottled water is necessary due to the unsafe water conditions in many parts of the world. If filtered water is not available where you are staying, consider purchasing a self-filtering water bottle to use while traveling.

5. Bring your Equipment

Many hotels have a gym, but eventually, you will have to stay somewhere without the amenity. You could do a workout in your hotel room if you bring your own jump ropes, resistance bands, slider disks (or small hand towels), or other compact workout tools. Check this article on some ideas on which equipment to bring on your next trip.

Some simple exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, squats, and lunges can keep your metabolism going and help build energy. If you have a chair in the room, you can even try dips or leg raises. It is essential to stay as close to your routine as possible while on a business trip. Using the Fitbod app can help setting up your next hotel room body workout.

Bonus: Plan for your sleep.

If you make time to be active during the day, you will help your chances of sleeping better at night. A poll conducted in America showed that those who exercise are more likely to say, “I had a good night’s sleep” on work nights and non-work nights.

The data showed that exercise is good for sleep and that those who classify themselves as active exercisers have the best sleep (non-exercisers report having the worst sleep). If you are a light sleeper, bring some earplugs. Also, if you are used to a pitch-black bedroom, pack an eye mask. Those hotel blackout shades can be hit or miss. Set yourself up for a good night’s sleep to get the rest you need to shine. Read more about how sleep affects your training results in our blog article.

To conclude

As you may already know, traveling can sometimes be tiresome. The flight, the hotel stay, and the work you need to do can be tiring. If you want to stay healthy and energized on the road, you need to ensure that you are getting enough sleep and exercising regularly. Those good hotel gyms are rare, and most hotel rooms are not set up for some physical activity. However, that does not mean you have to avoid exercise completely. Follow these tips to stay fit on the road.

Also, check-out our hotel gym finder allows you to search for hotels with specific gym equipment. HotelGyms.com is the platform for the Fitness-Minded Traveler.

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