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03Jan 2024
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Latest Fitness Trends to Stay Ahead in the World of Wellness

To say that 2020 was an impactful year would be an understatement. With the global pandemic, many sectors and markets changed forever, and we saw rapid innovation in numerous fields.

For example, online education became standard in many schools and universities worldwide, and countless people had to move from the office to their homes. The fitness industry also saw many large changes - some good; others not so much.

But, with 2020 now in the rear-view mirror, it is essential to look ahead. To that end, we have outlined the five most crucial fitness trends to keep in mind for 2021. Let's see what they are.

1. Home Training is growing ever more present

Home training used to be among the less popular options for working out before the global pandemic. But as gyms worldwide closed their doors, fitness enthusiasts had to find another way to stay active and maintain their fitness.

So, home training became a popular alternative, and many trainers and fitness experts out there began to share their knowledge on the topic.

A more interesting aspect of this trend is that we saw a large-scale shift in people's mindset toward working out. Before 2020, many people believed that home training was inadequate and only suitable for beginners who wanted to get started with fitness.

These days, many people realize that home training is a fantastic alternative to the gym, and we can have amazing workouts, even if we don't have access to much equipment.

Thus, we have become more resourceful and better able to have effective workouts with minimal to no equipment. This is a fantastic skill that expands our perspective and helps us stay in shape no matter the situation.

2. The Health Benefits of Fitness are becoming more popular than ever

Let's face it: Before 2020, many people only cared about the fitness benefits of working out. And who could blame them? Many of the fitness outlets rarely shed light on the health effects of exercise.

But, as the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world and health became a mainstream topic again, many people became more conscious of their health. This change of mind is a fantastic trend that will go into 2021, as millions of people worldwide look for ways to strengthen their immunity and improve their well-being.

3. Digital Training is growing, and will likely continue to develop in 2021

COVID-19 damaged many sectors this past year, but it also blessed others. One of the blessed sectors is digital training. Before the pandemic, most people preferred to do their training face to face with a coach. But with the newfound love for home training and thanks to the fact that people now understand how beneficial it is, digital training is here to stay.

It is safe to assume that digital workouts will slowly become the norm in 2021 as more companies and organizations embrace the change and digitize their content. Specifically, we should see a bump in online classes, on-demand libraries, and everything else the average person needs to have a fun and effective workout at home.

Peloton is one company that is flourishing right now. They offer bikes and treadmills, as well as a rich online library that allows members to do countless workouts and keep things fresh; you might remember the Peloton blog post we published the other day.

4. Outdoor Training is becoming a solid Alternative to the Gym

Outdoor training has always been a fantastic option for people who prefer fresh air and ca not stand traditional gym settings' confines. For example, running and calisthenics are two popular ways of training for people interested in optimizing their aerobic ability and physical strength.

Outdoor training has gained even more popularity during the last months because it is much safer. Compared to indoor training, having your workouts outside is much safer because it is easier to keep your distance from others, and you do not have to work with the same pieces of equipment.

We should see more and more training facilities move out some of their equipment outside for those interested in safe and refreshing training.

5. Corporate Wellness will become even more important

Many top performers worldwide claim that fitness has played a massive role in their mood, energy levels, motivation, and overall productivity. For example, Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, once reportedly said:

I wouldn't be able to achieve all the things I was trying to achieve in my life if I wasn't at the peak of fitness.

Perhaps one good thing that has come out of the coronavirus pandemic is that many people realized how important it is to establish and maintain a fitness routine. As workplaces closed down and folks transitioned to home offices, many began some form of exercise as a way to remain sane, keep their productivity high, and have a solid work-from-home routine.

With the gradual transition back into an office setting, many will continue to keep fitness as part of their lives because they realize how vital it is. It serves as an anchor and allows us to shape our lives around it. More importantly, people will look to their companies to help them maintain this rhythm. Many companies are beginning to jump on the bandwagon and are moving away from the idea that 'wellness is good to have' to 'wellness is integral.'

What is more, as more employers realize how wellness plays a role in employee productivity, we should see massive growth in corporate wellness programs worldwide.

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2021 will be a very interesting year for the fitness (and travel) industry. The closure of the gym studios during the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the debate rather going to the gym or jog outside. During the last months, many equipment fans move to alternative indoor and outdoor offers, apps included. This disruption of the fitness industry by new business models will become very interesting, and of course we from try to provide our input as well.

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