14Jul 2020
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The healthy Lifestyle, how People plan their Travel

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become increasingly important, especially for those people who travel regularly. Most are traveling for business purposes (or have been before COVID-19 at least). Many have been involved in one more sport activity and want to keep doing them even when being on the road. Providing sport/fitness facilities becomes more and more important for hotels to adapt to this trend. Accor, the French Hospitality Company, has noticed this trend and created a very interesting infographic considering the factors that motivate guests when choosing a hotel.

About the survey

The study is based of 2’572 respondents, by business and recreational travelers Have a look yourself…


Link to the Accor article 

plan. travel. workout.

It is not a big surprise to me that the treadmill is the most frequently used machine at the hotel gym. Considering even a hotel with a GymFactor 1 is offering this cardio machine, it is the least common nominator. 

To avoid the situation where you only have a treadmill, or you end up doing exercises in your hotel room, always check-out HotelGyms.com to find a hotel with a good fitness facility.

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