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03Jan 2024
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Top 5 Must-Read Travel and Fitness Blogs to Stay Fit on the Go in 2024

At we stand for something simple: To help you blend fitness and travel into a seamless experience, so you can feel great, prosper, and stay healthy.

Each piece of content and website option we create is for you. We try to keep simple and design everything with a straightforward question in mind: Will this genuinely benefit people?

But we can not cover everything ourselves. And that is why we also want to recognize other fitness and travel blogs and Instagram pages that also provide tremendous value to their readers.

Today, we will go over five best examples of travel and fitness blogs. Let us dive in.

Fittest Travel

Fittest Travel is a fantastic resource for everyone looking to stay fit while traveling.

This health and fitness blog is full of great content that goes over nutrition, training, weight loss, cardio equipment, and more. Chris is very passionate about his work and does a great job sharing his experience.

We also recommend checking out his travel workouts. Some feature bodyweight-only training, while others are more geared toward kettlebells and Crossfit training inside hotel gyms.

Jessie On A Journey

Jessie On A Journey is a fresh and engaging travel and fitness blog, which shows from the moment you see the homepage.

While Jessie, the person behind this blog, does not strictly cater to fitness-focused travelers, her site offers numerous excellent resources for staying fit.

We recommend checking out her collection of the best hiking trails in the world. It is full of all sorts of exciting places to see, hike through, and have a challenging workout.

Her fitness blog also offers extensive cycling guides on the best bike rides in the world.

Nerd Fitness

Though not specifically a travel blog, Nerd Fitness is an excellent resource for those aspiring to travel and stay fit.

The main person behind this lifestyle fitness blog - Steve Kamb - travels often and finds himself sharing musings and ideas of what has worked for him.

The blog is rich in good nutrition, effective training, and practical workouts you can do anywhere.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is a fantastic travel blog that features tons of free resources around traveling on a budget, seeing and doing things in different cities worldwide, and much more.

Matt has also openly admitted that he's struggled with staying in shape while traveling. Still, he does his best to make better choices. He has several fantastic resources on eating healthier and having simple workouts anywhere.

Travel Strong

Travel Strong is another fantastic travel and fitness blog that features tons of helpful information about training and nutrition on the road. More importantly, you can find tons of specific advice on exciting topics like:

  • How to train your arms without weights
  • How to modify bodyweight exercises
  • What the best core exercises are

There is also great information on nutrition, travel tips, and much more.

Strava (Bonus)

Strava, as our bonus blog, is a bit different from the other content creators we have looked at today, but their Instagram page boasts excellent content.

Strava's website and mobile app connect cyclists and runners worldwide through the activities they love. One notable benefit of following Strava is that you get to see people's favorite places to run and cycle all over the world.

So, the next time you visit a particular corner of the planet, you have some ideas where you can have a fantastic outdoor workout. The page also offers plenty of cycling and running workouts you can use.

plan. travel. workout.

Another great benefit of Strava is that you can also share your progress and experiences with others. This accountability factor can help keep you motivated on your journey.

What did you say? This would be a great add-on to

Stay tuned; we work on something exciting for all fans of running and outdoor activities.

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