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17Nov 2021
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The 5 best Bags for your Fitness Gear (2021)

Finally, gyms are open for business again. For far too long, any need for gym-goers to carry with them a gym bag was redundant as we took to workouts from home. So before you leave for your favorite gym, let us ensure you do not carry your fitness gear in a plastic bag.

A gym bag is a sign of establishing a routine as it helps you get ready for your exercises. But, it is a bit tricky to choose a decent mini gym bag for you because you will see plenty of options in the market. Well, do not go further as here we have checked the best five (5) gym bags for you. An ultimate gym bag will be the best hit if anyone wants physical and mental wellbeing.

A good gym back provides space for a full change of clothes, water bottle and ideally has separate compartments and/or zip pockets for gym shoes, toiletries, and for all the rest you need to perform your workout. So, let's dive into it.

Adidas Diablo Duffel Bag


For the gym lover who wants to buy a bag that is easy to carry, zippered main compartment, adjustable shoulder strap, we recommend the Adidas Diablo Duffel Bag. Adidas is an excellent and well-known name for sports goods. 

This small duffel bag is made of 100% Polyester, so long-lasting. Though this bag looks small, you can keep 2 workout outfits, 2 pairs of shoes or sneakers, two towels, 2 bottles, and even some exercise items. And, you can get it in many different colors too.

Check the Adidas Diablo Duffle Bag out on Amazon.

Under Armour 4.0 Gym Bag


As we know Under Armour products, this bag is typically efficient. Thanks to its highly resistant outer shell, you will not have to worry about scuffs to its exterior while lugging it to work every day. This gym bag also comes with unique UA Storm technology that makes Under Armour 4.0 Gym Bag water-resistant during wet weather situations.

This bag has zippered pockets that are easy to open and close. Besides this, it has a large vented pocket that makes it a very decent gym bag with a dirty clothes compartment and shoes. Along with a large main compartment, the D-ring on the exterior is a nice touch should you wish to hang it in a changing room. Overall, we will 100% recommend these Fashionable gym bags for their safe design and lasting structure.

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Nike Utility Elite Training Backpack


Do you prefer a backpack for your fitness gear? Of course, you can always try the Nike Utility Elite Training Backpack and cram your gym gear into a rucksack. This backpack from Nike keeps your gear close, secure, and organized while commuting to and from training sessions.

It has plenty of room and access via full-length zips and all the compartments necessary to handle smaller accessories. While it holds everything, it also fits in a locker perfectly. However, chances are that you end up with a trainer lace hanging out the top and needing to carry an overspill in a plastic bag.

Review this backpack on Amazon.

King Kong CORE51 Gym Duffel


You can also tell by its name, this gym bag is different. The King Kong CORE51 Gym Duffel comes with an overall capacity of 51 liters, offers two (2) bottle compartments, six (6) pockets for all your belongings, and two (2) shoe pockets. And, there is even space for a 15" laptop. This really stands out compared to other gym bags. Reading other reviews, this seems to be one of the best-designed gym bags. This King Kong gym bag uses durable canvas material. Metal hooks to connect the strap to the bag; other bags often use plastic hooks that easily break after constant use. They also use quality zippers that will not fail you. And, the bag even carries a 25-year warranty!

As you can tell, the King Kong bag was designed with the serious athlete in mind. And that is also how this gym bag has made it to our favorite list easily. Admittedly, the bag is a little more expensive than other gym bags, but the quality is worth the money. If this bag is too big for you, check the smaller ones like PLUS33

Check it out on Amazon.

MIER Gym Bag


If you are looking for a gym bag with plenty of additional compartments, this MIER Men's Gym Bag is the best budget-friendly choice. This bag is made of durable fabrics that easily hold heavy items in the gym. It comes with a shoe compartment that is large enough and waterproof to hold a shoe pair easily. 

Its multiple pockets are well organized that hold all items from a water bottle to glove pair easily. Overall, this black-colored tough bag has jacquard polyester construction, adjustable strap, wide leather padded, and much more to provide you comfort.

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Montblanc Sartorial Jet Duffle Bag


This is our five plus one - If you are looking for something more stylish, the Montblanc Sartorial Duffle, makes it possible. Like all Montblanc produces, it conveys a level of quality and craftsmanship that has few equals. You would not even look out of place at New York fashion week with such a gym back.

The bag has one (1) main compartment with one (1) zipped pocked and two (2) accessory pockets. 

There are also different colors available; make sure to check them all out to find your perfect match. This bag is definitely the most expensive one on our list and would not be limited to gym use only.

Review this luxury duffle bag on Amazon.

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After detailed research, we have narrowed a shortlist of the best bags for your fitness gear. We recommend you take a close look at all workout bags and choose the best one; everyone has different needs. If I had to choose one today, probably Under Armour would be on top of the list.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. 

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