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29Nov 2021
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How to wash Gym Clothes in a Hotel

Traveling is great. We get to explore new places, meet new people, and learn new things. Going to a different city, region, or country is always beneficial because it expands our mindset, breaks routine, and helps us think clearly. But, of course, travel is not all great. One notable drawback is that we have to live without many things we take for granted at home.

For example, it is challenging to keep our clothes clean and fresh on the road, especially when staying at hotels. If you are away for multiple days and plan to hit the gym frequently, you know what I am talking about.

To that end, we have put together this post to go over how we recommend you wash your gym clothes on the road. Let us dive in.

The Scrubba mini portable wash bag

As the saying goes, “What will they think of next?” We find ourselves asking this very question often. The Scrubba mini portable wash bag is a small, affordable, easy-to-use item that allows you to wash your clothes quickly. It fits in the back pocket of your jeans and weighs just 2.5 ounces. The MINI is designed for ultra-light travelers.

The wash bag consists of a storage compartment equipped with over 150 nodules that glide against the clothes you are washing, effectively cleaning them of dirt, sweat, and stains. This simple setup allows you to wash your clothes with machine-like quality in minutes. Not having to find a washing machine, not wasting tons of water, and not needing to wait 20-60 minutes. 

How the Scrubba mini portable wash bag works

The portable wash bag is great to use because of its simplicity. The process works like this:


Or to put in some words:

  • First, put the clothes you want to wash in the bag. Second, add some water. Third, add the cleaning liquid.
  • Then, seal the bag off, deflate it, and rub the clothes against the inner washboard. For example, you can put the bag on the ground or a chair, place both hands flat over it, and move them back and forth, applying just enough pressure. 
  • Once you are finished, replace the water a couple of times to rinse your clothes off, take them out, and hang them to dry.

That is it. You washed a few clothing items in just a few minutes, and you only have to wait for them to dry. The Scrubba wash bag also works as a bucket. You can fill it up with water, add the clothes, put some cleaning liquid and reach in with both hands to wash.

What does the wash bag cost and where to buy?

You can get the MINI on for 39.95 USD. Very often they provide extra discounts, like today there is an 15% off. Amazon sells the Scrubba Kit Laundry Bag, including an entire drying set for faster drying of your clorthes. This kit costs 99.95 USD.

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