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08Feb 2024
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How to use Freeletics: Make the Most of the App in a Hotel Room and Outdoors

There are countless fitness apps to pick from. The problem is that most seem identical, which makes it difficult to choose the one that might work well for you.

To that end, we recommend checking out Freeletics. Read our full Freeletics Fitness app review and check out this guide to learn how to use it.

Let's discuss.

What is Freeletics?

Freeletics is an intuitive, all-in-one fitness app that gathers basic information and uses it to produce high-quality workout plans people can start using immediately. It accounts for a person's goals, training preferences, available equipment, experience level, and more.

Users start by answering basic questions about themselves and embarking on one of the app's journeys.

One thing distinguishing the app from many competitors is that each workout feels interactive, thanks to the quality instructional videos. Various instructors demonstrate how to set up for each movement, how to do reps, and what tempo to strive for.

The Initial Setup of Freeletics

Setup of Freeletics App

Getting started with Freeletics is simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Here's what you must do:

1. Download the app

Go to the App Store or Google Play and install it.

2. Go through the brief questionnaire

Quickly go through the questionnaire:

  • Input your gender
  • Write down your top three goals (e.g., improve your fitness, eat better, etc.)
  • Select your fitness level (slide from Not fit at all to Really fit)
  • Choose your preferred training style (bodyweight, dumbbells, running, barbell, or kettlebell); you can pick more than one
  • Write your date of birth, current weight, and height

3. Create an account

Sign up with Google or use an email to create your Freeletics account.

4. Embark on your first journey

Once inside, the app will immediately present you with three journey options. You will also get relevant information about each journey, such as how long it lasts, how many weekly workouts there are, and what type of training you will do.

You can switch journeys if your initial choice does not suit your needs, and you can repeat a journey if you enjoy it.

Picking Your First Workout

In case you are not sure if Freeletics is the right app for you and you want to test it out before committing or paying for the premium version, you can choose a single workout.

Freeletics first Workout

The app generates a few options based on your answers during the brief questionnaire discussed above.

You can start your first workout immediately and follow along with your instructor. The workouts are great and come with video instructions for each exercise. You also get specific guidelines for how many reps to perform on each activity, which means you do not have to worry about any of the details.

Once you go through the exercises, click 'Finish,' the app will automatically record the session and your performance for easy reference later.

How to Get the Most Out of Freeletics

Get most out of Freeletics

Experiment With Different Approaches

Freeletics started with bodyweight workouts, which were great and gave trainees a lot to work with. Trainees can use countless equipment-free activities to work all the major muscle groups, build strength, and improve their endurance.

That said, Freeletics has evolved a lot since the early days, and trainees can now enjoy a variety of workout approaches.

Get the most out of the app by trying various approaches based on your available training equipment, preferences, and goals. For example, try some kettlebell workouts if you have one or two kettlebells at your disposal. 

Changing your training is a great way to keep things engaging and find new ways to enjoy the fitness journey.

Do More of What Works

No fitness journey is without its ups and downs. Not all workouts, training programs, and even coaches will be a good fit for you, which is okay. Fitness is about trying different things, seeing what works, and discarding the rest. It is a journey of self-exploration, where the goal is to find what helps you reach your goals.

To that end, we encourage you to experiment with Freeletics and try different journeys and workout approaches. See what you like and what you do not. Track your progress (more on that in a moment) and do more of what already works.

Track Your Performance

The beauty of Freeletics is that it records everything you do, which means you can easily review your previous performance and set goals for your upcoming sessions.

For example, if you have lifted a 45-lb kettlebell for 12 reps before, strive to do a couple of extra reps the next time.

Aiming for small improvements allows you to provide the necessary stimulus to keep building muscle, getting stronger, and losing fat.

Watch the Instructional Videos

One thing that sets Freeletics apart from many other fitness apps is the quality of the instructional videos. It is clear that the folks behind the app have invested heavily in producing these videos.

The instructors know what they are doing and demonstrate each exercise well.

We highly recommend paying attention to the videos and absorbing as much knowledge as possible. Even if you are confident that you can do an exercise correctly, there are things you can learn to improve and maximize your workout results.

Work With a Coach

Proper training guidance can greatly help because even relatively brief workouts can provide a decent stimulus and drive progress. People who work out consistently report feeling better, having more energy, and finding everyday tasks easier to handle.

That said, working out is one part of the equation – one side of the coin if you will. You must also pay attention to your nutrition to get the best possible results, which is why we recommend leveraging the coaching option inside Freeletics.

For less than a coffee a week, you get a training and nutrition bundle, providing the guidance you need to perform at your best, recover well, and fuel yourself for success.

Using Freeletics on the Road

Staying fit on the road can be a significant challenge because finding a quality gym or carving out enough time for a productive session is not always easy.

The beauty of Freeletics is that it offers a ton of customizability and workout versatility. Trainees can select what equipment they have available, and the app will provide specific workout plans that align with their preferences and goals.

How to use Freeletics when Traveling

That means Freeletics can be the ideal companion while on the road, even if you do not have any equipment. Simply prompt the app to generate equipment-free workout journeys and embark on the one that suits your needs.

Given the quality instructional videos, you can experiment with various bodyweight exercises, even if you do not have experience with them. That way, you can stay safe, get the most out of each movement, and stay on track with your fitness journey while on vacations and business trips.

Final Words

Freeletics is one of the best fitness apps on the market. It collects relevant information and does all the thinking for you.

Your job is to follow the instructions, pick the journeys you like best, and push yourself hard. Freeletics can put together various workouts for you, depending on your schedule, available equipment (if any), and goals. Adjust the settings when traveling and watch as the app does its thing.

Having access to your previous performances allows you to adjust your workout intensity and effort each time you exercise to ensure progressive overload.

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