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03Jan 2024
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Cycling on Vacation: Pedal Your Way to Holiday Adventures

Cycling on vacation has gained high popularity in recent years. Nowadays, a relaxed getaway or a short business trip does not have to get in the way of your exercise routine.

Most hotels now offer bike rental services. Not only is it an affordable way to explore a new city, but it is also a healthy choice.

Read on for more about the benefits of cycling while on vacation. This article also suggests scenic biking routes and an alternative to outdoor biking when the weather is not suitable for outdoor cycling.

The Benefits of Cycling on Vacation

Why pick up or rent a bike while on vacation? Here are four reasons to convince you:

A great Way to enjoy the City

Cycling can be a smart way to go sightseeing. For starters, a bike is not as fast as a car or a train. That makes it a perfect way to take in the view and enjoy the historic sites of the city you are visiting.

Cycling in the City

In addition, bike trails are usually in the city's most picturesque areas. So, you can immerse yourself in the local culture while cycling on vacation. It is a relaxed mode of transportation that allows you to stop for local food or cultural activities as well.

A relaxing Getaway

Whether you are on an escape from your busy life or on a business trip, you can still enjoy a short bike trail.

Take a bike around the city before you start your day, for example. That way, you can relax and clear your mind. You can also tour the neighborhood in the early morning before the city gets too busy.

A cost-efficient means of Transportation

Cycling is more than just a healthy exercise in the fresh air. It is a cost-efficient mode of transportation. Many hotels around the world have already picked up this trend.

Bikes can be rented for a fee or may even be included in the room's price. Some hotels even offer bike repair stations and bike storage facilities.

So, no matter where you are, renting a bike is much cheaper than renting a car or taking cabs around the city.

An environmentally sustainable mode of Transportation

In addition to cost-effectiveness, cycling is a clean mode of transportation that does not emit harmful radiation. 

Research suggests that by increasing cycling to 22% of world transportation, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 47% by 2050.

This urge drove different governments to implement services that encourage cycling, such as Parkiteer. This service enables riders to park their bikes for free in train stations and public transportation hubs.

With similar services in cities worldwide, more people will cycle to commute to work or school. That, in turn, can reduce our carbon footprint drastically.

Tips for Cycling on Vacation

When you cycle on vacation, you need to consider a few factors to get the most enjoyable experience:

Check Local Cycling Regulations

Just like driving, cycling is often regulated by local laws and regulations. In addition to the international biking rules, you must check local guidelines in every country you visit.

Even within the same country, you might find some city-specific regulations. For instance, there are general cycling regulations in the USA. When visiting New York, you must pay attention to its local rules too.

Prioritize Safety

The last thing you want during a vacation is a bike crash. Thus, it would be best if you prioritize your safety.

Perform general maintenance on your rented bike before going on a long cycling trip. We recommend that you perform some basic maintenance before and after every ride.

Safety when Cycling

Doing so guarantees that you do not find yourself with a flat tire or a broken part in the middle of nowhere. It also ensures that you have a smooth ride. 

Plan your Route

Not every trail is suitable for you. Choose the route that suits your skill level in the first place. If you are a beginner, do not go for a challenging, elevated, or dangerous trail.

In addition, you should know your bike's capabilities. For example, make sure you have a mountain bike before you go biking on a mountainous track.

Another good idea is to check out local maps and ask the information desk in your hotel. You will be surprised how much they know about the matter.

Pick the Right Time

Choose the right time for a biking excursion to avoid trouble. This perfect timing differs according to the place, the purpose of your trip, and the weather.

For instance, if you are cycling to relax or clear your mind, go in the evening after a long day. Early morning cycling, on the other hand, is ideal when refreshing or getting ready for a long business day.

In any case, you should not go on a long cycling trip in the afternoon as the sun in some places can be too strong to enjoy the ride.

Find the Right Bike

If you are not traveling with your bike, you need to rent the right type of bike. This will depend on the trail you explore.

You can choose between several types of bikes:

  • Road bikes are fast with light frames perfect for touring bike-friendly cities and asphalt trails.
  • Mountain bikes offer high shock absorption to help you safely navigate rugged tracks.
  • Hybrid bikes combine both features of road and mountain bikes, but they are neither as fast as road bikes nor as strong as mountain bikes. 
  • Cruiser bikes are built for comfortable, easy rides, with large tires allowing you to ride comfortably around any neighborhood.
  • Electric Bikes (eBikes) offer pedal-assist for ease in long trails or steep inclines, letting you cover more ground with less effort. Perfect for extensive sightseeing.

Scenic Locations for Biking

If you are not sure where to go on vacation, here are some ideas for cycling destinations:

Yorkshire, England

With more services like Bikeable, England has become a bike-friendly destination. Now, many hotels in the UK offer bike rentals for their guests.

Yorkshire also has picture-perfect rides along the quiet hilly roads. What is more relaxing than a cycling adventure around the English countryside?

The Danube

You can plan an entire cycling vacation around the Danube, which runs through several European countries. The most developed parts of the trail run through Austria, Hungary, Germany, and Slovakia.

Cycling Maps

You can easily go on self-guided trips or get guided tours along the Danube path. Either way, it is an amazing way to tour across Europe.

Chihuahua, Mexico

Want to see something special? Step into the wild west with cowboys on horseback and desert roads in this Mexican town.

Chihuahua offers a challenging trail across villages, mountains, and forests. You can also check out the Copper Canyon, which is a larger version of America's Grand Canyon.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada (USA)

Who said you have to go abroad for an iconic bike trail? You can get a relaxing yet thrilling cycling experience on the Flume trail that perches 1600 ft above the water.

With its scenic view, this 4.5-mile single track is a worthy challenge. You can enjoy a breathtaking trail over Sand Harbor and the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe.

Vancouver, Canada

If you are into mountain bikes, this is the place for you. Vancouver's northern shore tracks have it all, from steep trails to cedar forests.

You will enjoy the man-made bridges and fun see-saws along the road. If you're up for a challenge, check out the trails between Mt. Fromme and Mt. Seymour too.

Indoor Cycling Option for Inclement Weather

Lousy weather for cycling? Don't worry; there's still a way!

The Motosumo App is a rising star in the world of sports tech. It is an effective alternative to outdoor cycling in inclement weather.

It is a highly affordable means of practicing and monitoring your progress. This app works with any type of stationary bike. You can get personalized training and free cycling classes at your gym or even at home.

Better yet, Motosumo has an awesome free version that gives you almost all you need. However, if you need more in-depth training, opt for the premium version.

Explore new Destinations on your Bicycle

Embracing cycling on vacation offers a sustainable, cost-efficient mode of transportation, granting you a deeper connection with local cultures while exploring the world's most scenic routes.

It is a powerful way to sustain an active lifestyle, crucial for your overall health and fitness, even when you are away from home.

Visit to discover hotels with top-notch fitness amenities, including bicycle options. Moreover, do not let unfavorable weather impede your workout routine. 

Use the Motosumo app to transition your cycling indoors, ensuring you continue enjoying your vacation while keeping fit.

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