12Aug 2020
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5 Reasons to not skip your Workout when being on Vacation

Some people try more than others, but sticking to the regular fitness routine when being on the road can become a real struggle. And this struggle becomes even bigger when the hotel fitness facility is only offering a handful of cardio machines and a few dumbbells. That is not the boost needed to hit the gym after a day at the beach.

But let me share some good reasons why you should not interrupt your fitness training during your holidays, or travel.


1. your muscles will shrink

Certainly, every muscle needs its regeneration and its breaks. However, if these breaks are too long, the muscles begin to regress because they are no longer needed and are not exposed to new impulses. This muscle loss then must be compensated for with double effort. It would take you several weeks to get back to the pre-vacation level…

2. you will feel worse

If you have already missed the training two or three times in a row, you surely know this unpleasant inner feeling that drives you almost crazy, don’t you? The workout, the exhaustion, you miss it! And even worse, you start to feel tired and maybe even grumpy by not doing anything actively. Satisfy your hunger for exercise and power and earn that satisfying feeling after you completed a hard workout. This makes your vacation feeling even better.

3. you become unbearable for your fellow people

Nothing is more annoying than a partner or colleague who spoils your holidays with his or her bad mood. But you could become just such a fellow if you don’t feel well because of your missed workouts… Don’t become miserable and unbearable for your fellow travelers and plan some time for your usual training rhythm. Your family and friends will thank you for it.

4. you risk missing the re-entry

Did you know this? Of course, you did… The longer you stop working out, the more difficult it is to start again with the usual motivation is nothing unknown. There is this potential risk of getting used to this pleasant, easygoing, carefree holiday atmosphere, even when being back home. Don’t even give your inner bastard the chance to be remembered!

5. you do not have to do without the daily holiday ice

Holiday time also means going a little overboard. Having an ice cream here, tasty food there, or enjoying a beer or glass of wine at the beach. This is a luxury that you should not miss during your holiday. The only problem is that this will inevitably have an effect on your weight and your body in the form of additional fat pads. Counteract this by burning some of these extra calories with your usual workout.

plan. travel. workout

Know your options, as you most likely will not be stuck with the hotel’s fitness center. Ask your hotel about a pool or consider a run at the beach or local streets. You might also want to check whether the hotel has any deals with a proper gym in the neighborhood — sometimes guests do get a discount or even a free day pass. Planning a workout now and then will make a nice improvement to your holiday.

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