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23Oct 2023
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7 Tips for healthy eating during your Summer Vacation

With the summer season among us, many people are eager to take vacations, away from work and responsibilities. But vacations can sometimes derail us from our health and fitness goals. When staying away from home, being on the road, there are lots of temptations.

As a result, many people let loose and forget about their healthy habits. To that end, we have put together this list of seven easy, practical, and pleasurable eating tips to keep you lean and fit. Let us dive in.

1. More Fruit, less Candy

Fruit is amazing. It tastes great, provides many essential micronutrients, and is full of fiber. Plus, it curbs your sweet tooth without adding many calories to your daily intake.

So, whenever possible, go for fresh fruit instead of candy bars and such. Apples, pears, pineapple, watermelon, peaches, and cherries are all excellent choices. Be mindful with processed fruits though, a smoothie is maybe not as healthy as it looks and still contains a lot of sugar.

2. More Salads and Vegetables

Like fruits, salads are also fantastic. They are refreshing, tasty, and highly satiating. And the best part is, they barely add any calories to your daily intake. The same goes for vegetables, always the healthier choice than pasta or french fries.

Besides that, both provide you with much-needed fiber and various vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. But when choosing salads or vegetables, be careful not to add too many calorie-dense options like dressings, cheese, and similar.

3. Go for sugar-free Drinks

Sugary drinks can easily add hundreds, even thousands of extra calories to your daily intake. This is especially true during the summer season when many people go from one drink to the next, trying to keep thirst at bay.

Instead of telling you to cut soda out, we recommend you go with sugar-free versions. Most taste just as great, keep you fresh, and save you all those calories. Might you want to try sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon? This might be tasty, refreshing, and healthy all in one.

4. When in doubt, go for Protein

Having a meal outside can be stressful because there are so many foods to choose from. The good news is, whenever you are in doubt and cannot make up your mind, go for protein. Fantastic options include:

  • Lean meats
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Cottage cheese

These foods are typically low in calories and highly satiating, making your outdoor meals satisfying and beneficial. As for vegetables, be careful with adding too many calorie-dense toppings.

5. Drink lots of Water

While technically not an eating tip, it is essential to discuss it. It should even be number one on this list. But how much water should you drink a day? A general rule of thumb for healthy people is to drink two to three cups of water per hour or more if you are sweating heavily.

Research also shows that drinking water, especially before meals, is essential for satiety. By drinking enough fluids, you fill your stomach up and feel fuller between meals. An excellent way to start is by drinking a glass of water shortly before a meal. This will fill you up and allow you to reach satiety by eating fewer calories.

6. Pack Snacks for the beach

The beach is where most people give into temptation. A cold beer, ice cream, and all sorts of other treats catch the eye. To prevent this from happening, prepare effectively. Bring healthy sandwiches, pack nuts, have lots of water, and take fresh fruit. Then, as you get hungry, enjoy your healthy foods.

To ward off dehydration, drink fluids gradually throughout the day. And just in case, alcohol intake should be limited to one drink per day for women and 1-2 drinks per day for men.

7. Push your Breakfast back

Vacation time is perfect for skipping the seemingly important morning meal and starting your day a bit later. Since most people sleep in, it is good to push eating back a bit and break your fast around noon.

This is a great way to naturally reduce your calorie intake and still enjoy plenty of food from noon until the evening.

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