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19Dec 2023
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How to Find Affordable Hotels for the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching, and many travelers are gearing up for a well-deserved break. Yet, with rising travel costs and economic uncertainties, the prospect of seasonal escapes means keeping an eye on those costs more than ever.

Whether you are planning a Thanksgiving visit to loved ones, a winter getaway, or a New Year's adventure, finding affordable hotels for the holidays can help you make the most of your travel budget.

But planning the perfect break is not only about finding a cozy haven at the right price but also about preserving a healthy lifestyle during the holidays – especially with all the festive indulgences on your plate.

From planning ahead and utilizing hotel booking websites to seeking seasonal offers, we will guide you through the process of making the most of your holiday travels without sacrificing your wallet - or your commitment to sleighing your winter fitness goals.

Let's get started.

Top tips for finding affordable hotels for the holidays

Top tips for finding affordable hotels for the holidays

1. Travel comparison sites are your friend

When you want to find and compare accommodation prices quickly, one of the most effective ways to find affordable hotels is to leverage travel comparison websites like KAYAK, Trivago, or

These platforms allow you to search for accommodation based on your destination, travel dates, and budget. Then, voila, you get a comprehensive list of hotel options, along with their prices, amenities, and user reviews. Comparing prices and features this way can help you identify the best hotel deals and make an informed decision in a flash.

2. Contact hotels directly

Since the holidays are one of the most popular times of the year, this means hotels are in great competition with each other. The result? Lots of amazing offers, deals, and packages for you to take advantage of.

While travel websites are valuable resources, it is also a good idea to reach out to hotels directly. This way, you can inquire about potential seasonal discounts or promotions that may not be listed on booking websites. Some hotels offer special rates to guests who book directly, and you can negotiate with the hotel staff to secure the best deal.

3. Explore

Keeping those extra pounds at bay over the holidays is a must for travelers who prioritize health and fitness. In this case, is a game-changer. Our innovative platform specializes in helping you find hotels with exceptional gym facilities.

What sets it apart is its focus on travel and fitness, making it a valuable resource for when you want to stay fit when traveling. Moreover, offers membership pricing, which can help you unlock significant discounts on accommodations. By becoming a member, you gain insider access to exclusive rates and benefits, such as reduced hotel costs and enhanced fitness amenities.

4. Be flexible with dates

Traveling during peak holiday dates often comes with a higher demand for accommodation, leading to increased prices. If your travel schedule permits, consider being flexible with your dates.

Midweek stays are usually more affordable than weekends, and traveling before or after peak holiday dates can save you money.

BONUS: Compare Prices between Platforms

Are you aware that a multitude of platforms provide exclusive pricing deals for their mobile app users? This trend is prevalent across various services, and stands as a notable example.

Furthermore, the advantages amplify when you join the Genius program. As a member, you not only enjoy the initial app-based discounts but also gain access to a range of additional perks. These benefits can include priority customer service, special offers, and even more discounted rates, all designed to enhance your booking experience and provide greater value.

This dual approach of app-specific discounts coupled with the Genius program membership makes an attractive option for savvy travelers looking to maximize their savings and enjoy a more rewarding booking process.

Staying fit when traveling during the holidays

Saying fit when traveling during the holidays

Make it a merry Fit-mas

Of course, it is important to kick back and relax over the holidays, but do not forget about your well-being, too. Maintaining your fitness routine will help you stay energized and combat the fatigue that can accompany long journeys. It also supports your immune system, which is crucial during the holiday season when colds and flu are more common.

Moreover, it is an excellent way to balance out the extra calories from holiday treats – guilt-free. To help you maintain your fitness regimen, consider using our GymFactor. This unique tool helps you discover hotels with outstanding fitness facilities.

We also made our GymFactor available for and KAYAK, by installing our new free Browser Extension, works on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Use on-the-go workout apps

When you are away from home, workout apps like Fitbod and Freeletics can be your best companions. They offer a wide range of workouts that require minimal or no equipment, be it bodyweight exercises, cardio routines, or strength training sessions - all tailored to your fitness level and goals.

You can break a sweat from the comfort of your hotel gym, room, suite, or if you are brave enough to face the outdoor chill… the local park.

Consider winter wonderland workouts

Incorporating physical activity into your plans is a fantastic way to explore your destination while staying fit when traveling. Instead of always relying on taxis or public transportation, opt for refreshing walking tours, bike rentals, or hiking adventures.

You will not only stay active but also discover your beautiful destination from a unique perspective.

Do not forget your sneakers

Although it is tempting to pack those elasticated waist pants, do not forget to stuff your suitcase with your activewear essentials. Think about bringing lightweight, portable fitness equipment such as resistance bands, a jump rope, or a yoga mat.

These items take up minimal space in your luggage but can greatly enhance your workout options, whether at your hotel gym or outdoors. Must-packs are your workout attire, comfortable sneakers, and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.

Savor festive flavors with no regrets

Part of the joy of the season is of course the roast turkey, sticky cranberry sauce, and plenty of pie. Of course, it is also essential to maintain a balance. When you do enjoy those seasonal specialties, keep portion sizes in check.

Also, when dining out on your winter escape, opt for healthier choices on the menu, such as salads, lean protein, and grilled vegetables.

Additionally, having healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, or protein bars on hand can help you resist unhealthy temptations while out and about during the day.

Wrapping up your holiday escape

The key to a fulfilling winter break lies in striking a balance between affordable travel and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The good news is this is achievable, even during these current times of economic uncertainty. 

Here is how, in summary, so you can find affordable hotels for the holidays in confidence.

Holiday travel budget tips

  • Plan ahead and use hotel booking websites for affordable accommodation.
  • Reach out to hotels directly for potential unlisted discounts and promotions.
  • Explore for fitness-focused travel and hotel gyms, offering membership benefits and reduced hotel costs.
  • Be flexible with travel dates to save money, considering midweek stays and non-peak times.

Staying fit during holiday travel

  • Utilize tools like HotelGyms's GymFactor to find hotels with top fitness facilities.
  • Use on-the-go workout apps like Fitbod and Freeletics for convenient exercises.
  • Incorporate winter wonderland workouts by exploring destinations through walking tours, bike rentals, or hiking.
  • Pack activewear essentials, lightweight fitness equipment, and a reusable water bottle for staying active on the go.
  • Opt for healthier menu choices when dining out, such as salads, lean protein, and grilled vegetables.
  • Carry healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, or protein bars to resist unhealthy temptations while exploring.

Ready to book your affordable winter escape with wellness in mind? Your perfect holiday escape awaits at You can explore budget-friendly hotels with first-class fitness facilities, plus uncover exclusive rates and membership benefits.

When you want to source the best hotel gyms around, consult our handy Browser Extension.

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