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31Aug 2021
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Travel made much easier with our built-in COVID-19 information

Your safety matters and we are glad to announce, we are here to help. The Corona virus (COVID-19) has affected many travel plans globally. As this research is time consuming (and no fun), this was something we wanted to change. We did some research and found TruTrip, a business travel management solution provider from Asia. Hugh and the team did an amazing job to get all the required insights how you can travel from A to B. Let's have a look.

Can you Travel?

With the newly integrated solution from TruTrip, you will be able to plan your next trip to your dream destination. We show the COVID-19 information automatically in the city search results page. This integration helps you to find out all you need to know before booking and taking an international trip.

We are here to help

The new feature to check the COVID-19 status is available just below the location-search box. How can you get to the COVID-19 information? We believe in simplicity, and integrated the results directly into the search results:

  1. Search for your location of choice.
  2. Click on the text next to the icon to check the latest COVID-19 restrictions for the location.
  3. This will open the pop-up with all required information.

The information is structured in three (3) sections:

  • Check if you can Enter – With all information on restrictions for citizens of specific countries.
  • Registrations, Tests & Vaccinations – Information on requirements, permissions and forms to fill out/submit before you travel.
  • Quarantine details – The current information how the quarantine is managed for 

We are working with TruTrip to enable further features and make travel even simpler. There is just one more thing. This information is provided for informational purposes. Given the pace at which the world continues to adapt, travel restrictions are changing rapidly. You should not rely exclusively on this tool and should confirm the accuracy of any information provided in it with official government guidance. is not responsible for its accuracy or presentation.

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