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03Jan 2024
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Your Complete Guide to Massage Guns: All You Need to Know

You have probably come across a device gaining popularity in recent years - the Massage Gun. Like many other people, you probably wonder if all the massage guns on sale right now are any good. How do they work? What are their benefits? How would you use them? And what are they even used for?

This post will go over the massage gun, what it does, and whether you should get one. Let's dive in.

What are Massage Guns?

Gone are the days when we had to visit a specialist to get a massage. These days, we can get a device to do that for us. But, more importantly, we can use it ourselves whenever we want.

Massage guns are special electronic devices designed to dig deep into the tissues, relieve muscle knots and improve blood circulation. Thanks to their various vibration settings, massage guns allow for deep tissue mobilization and relief. When used by a massage therapist, the vibrations and pressure allow the professional to relieve pain and discomfort quickly.

Similar to a regular massage, these devices deliver many of the same benefits. But, thanks to their more targeted approach, versatility, and various vibration levels and speed, they often allow for a heightened and more targeted treatment.

What Benefits do Massage Guns offer?

1. Improved Circulation

The most notable massage gun benefit is improved circulation. Deep tissue massages mobilize the body, loosen up our tissues, and allow blood to flow more freely. This is great for treating muscle soreness and pain. It can also speed up recovery from training. For instance, massaging your muscles after a workout allows for more nutrients and oxygen to travel to the affected area. This means you get to repair the damaged tissue more quickly and not have to deal with as much soreness or pain in the following days.

Of course, some muscle pain does not go away that easily and might even need medical attention. For instance, pain caused by trauma or overtraining might need more time to go away. 

2. Improved Range of Motion

Using a massage gun can also improve range of motion and reduce the risk of injuries. You begin to feel light on your feet by mobilizing your tissues, and your muscle flexibility improves. When used right, it can also improve your overall mobility and allow you to move freely through various ranges of motion.

3. A great way to cool down and de-stress

Besides the physical benefits of using a massage gun, we also need to consider how it impacts the mind. Another huge benefit of massage gun therapy is the cooldown effect it has. It helps calm the mind and brings a deep sense of satisfaction. Plus, it is a great way to de-stress and improve our well-being.

How to use a Massage Gun yourself

The great thing about massage guns is you can use them yourself. This is great for targeting particular pain points and releasing pressure. The bad news is, you won't be able to reach every point in your body alone. So having a friend or family member help you out for the back area can be beneficial.

In any case, once you have a massage gun, it is essential to start at a slower speed and with less pressure. Work on finding tight spots and massage them for extended periods. Once you gain some experience with the device, you can start using it more intensely.

Begin by applying more pressure and gradually increase the speed. But, as with foam rolling, massage to the point of mild to moderate discomfort. If it gets too painful, take a break. Also, move the device slowly across the entire muscle group and enjoy the process. There is no point in rushing it.

Which Massage Gun should you buy?

These days, there are already so many options to choose. We list three (3) Massage Guns that got great reviews: 

  1. Hypervolt, the leader in many prudct reviews
  2. TheraGun Elite, uniquicly comfortable to use
  3. Beurer MG180, reliable and affordable

The first option, "Hypervolt," probably provides the best overall value. The "TheraGun Elite" stands out due to its ergonomic grip and adjustable arm. And last but not least, the Beurer MG180. Typically German engineering is simplistic but powerful.

When shopping for a massage gun, you will want to consider various attributes, beyond the well-known factors such as Power, Battery life, and Cost. But you should also pay extra attention to the Weight and Usability. Some devices are lighter, easier, and more comfortable to use than others.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. 

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