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25Apr 2024
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MacroFactor App Review: The best Nutrition App in 2024

Nutrition apps are a dime a dozen, with one of the most popular options on the market being MyFitnessPal.

However, a relatively new app, MacroFactor, has taken the fitness world by storm. It is slowly proving to be easier to use, more intuitive, and more accurate than many of the "big dogs" on the market.

Read on to learn about this app, how it can elevate your nutrition, and whether you should try it.

Let's talk about it.


  • Type: Nutrition
  • Price starts at $11.99 / month
  • Free Version: free 7-day trial
  • Best for: Intuitive Diet Tracking

Get your Diet on track with MacroFactor in 2024

MacroFactor is a paid nutrition tracker app that offers incredible customizability. The app is straightforward to use and constantly adapts to your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), providing the most up-to-date recommendations for your diet.

One thing that sets the app apart from competitors is that MacroFactor receives regular updates, some of which align with scientific findings in the nutritional space.

MacroFactor Nutrition App

Another difference between MacroFactor and other apps is that this app constantly updates your nutritional targets based on your metabolic rate and how it changes over time. It examines your data and uses a sophisticated model that predicts metabolic adaptations.

MacroFactor encourages and rewards users for consistently tracking their nutrition rather than trying to be perfect. This allows app users to confidently take control of their diet and not fret over every calorie they consume.

Now, here is the kicker:

MacroFactor was created by Greg Nuckols - a well-known fitness expert in the industry. Greg summarizes research in his Monthly Applications in Strength Sports (MASS) review.

In other words, this is different from some look-alike nutrition apps created to offer the same as any other app on the market to make some money. Greg genuinely knows his stuff, especially considering he has competed in powerlifting and natural bodybuilding, respectively.

How MacroFactor works (and what makes it great)

In their words, "MacroFactor offers an empowering, sustainable approach to nutrition tracking without stress, shaming, or rigidity. It uses scientific algorithms to drive smart recommendations that fit your lifestyle."

Here is how it works:

First, answer basic questions about your dietary preferences, goals, and lifestyle. The app will recommend calorie and macronutrient goals based on your input data.

Second, take a few minutes daily to log your weight, the foods you eat, and the quantities. MacroFactor will then use the information to calculate your caloric expenditure and needs with even more precision.

From there, the app will make intelligent and accurate changes to your macro plan each week based on how your body responds. This is different from many apps that follow pre-written rules and make new recommendations, regardless of the data you input.

The best part? You do not have to be robotic or perfect with your diet. Simply put, log your weight and food intake; the app will do the rest. In a nutshell, that is how the comparisons of MacroFactor's Pro's and Con's looks like.

What we like ⭐️ Not so much ❌
Customizable Nutrition Tracking: Not only does it allow for personalized nutrition plans, but it also updates based on your metabolic rate changes. Learning Curve: The app may have a slightly complex interface, requiring some time for new users to navigate efficiently.
Expert Design: Created by fitness expert Greg Nuckols, ensuring that the app is backed by solid science and expertise. Food Database Limitations: Lesser-known or new Products outside the US might not get recognized, requiring manual input.
Comprehensive Progress Tracking: Keeps track of weight trends, photos, and measurements for a holistic view of one's fitness journey. No Micronutrient Tracking: Focuses predominantly on macronutrients, not providing detailed data on vitamins and minerals.
Diverse Food Logging Options: Offers an extensive food database, barcode scanning, and the ability to import recipes from websites. Subscription-Based: No free version, only a 7-day trial. And there are no discounts or promo codes available.

And now, let us dive in to details of the top four features of MacroFactor.

How to get started with MacroFactor

Getting started with MacroFactor is straightforward. First, go to the App Store or Google Play and download the app. Then, create a profile or log in with an existing one (Google, Apple, etc.).

The app will immediately offer a no-strings-attached one-week free trial (though you must confirm a payment method before it takes effect). Do not worry, though. You can cancel your trial at any point and will not be charged if you decide that MacroFactor is not for you.

Once inside the app, you will see your dashboard with all the relevant information and features. The information the app displays includes nutritional targets (protein, carbs, fats, and calories), caloric expenditure, weight trends, and more.

One thing the app does well is displaying your nutritional targets for each day and showing you what calories and macronutrients you have covered up to that point.

The great things about MacroFactor

1. Several Inputs for Food Logging

MacroFactor Nutrition App

You can log your foods with the barcode scanner, manually write the food, or through voice input. The app also allows you to save recipes for future inputs, and you can add additional ingredients if you make specific meals in new ways.

For example, if you use the same recipe for scrambled eggs but decide to add a bit of mayo one day, you can simply add that in, and the app will re-calculate the calories and macronutrients for that meal.

2. Continual Updating of your Expenditure and Nutritional

MacroFactor Nutrition App

Targets What sets MacroFactor apart from many other nutrition-tracking apps is that it collects data from the user to determine if their expenditure has changed.

It considers data such as the number of calories burned during exercise and daily activity and resting metabolic rate (which, to a degree, depends on body weight).

Other apps use a basic TDEE formula to estimate calorie expenditure and never adjust afterward. In contrast, MacroFactor keeps updating nutritional targets, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

3. Several Ways to Track Your Progress

MacroFactor Nutrition App

Nutritional tracking and recommendations are great, but they are only helpful if people can track their progress. After all, how would someone know if their calorie intake is appropriate for their goal when they can not tell if they are seeing improvements?

Because of that, MacroFactor has included the option of uploading progress photos and circumference measures (chest, arms, thighs, waist, etc.) for easy comparison. Combined with weight trends, users can get a much better idea of their trajectory.

Is MacroFactor Free? How much does it cost?

There, unfortunately, is not a free MacroFactor version. However, there is a 7-day free trial to test the app and its features and determine if it is the right fit for you.

The app offers three different paid subscription options:

  • Trial: 7 Days
  • Monthly: $11.99 per month
  • Every 6 months – $47.99 per 6 months
  • Yearly – $71.99 per year

Are there discount codes for MacroFactor? No, there are no discounts. However, using "HOTELGYMS" as an affiliate code will extend your free trial when signing up in the app. The affiliate code will auto-fill as you type.

Our Thoughts on MacroFactor

In short? We love the app because it provides everything users need to track their food and chase the right nutritional targets that align with their goals vs. just chasing calories.

MacroFactor Nutrition App

The app is created by people who know their stuff, and its algorithm makes it easy to use, intuitive, and far more accurate than some other nutritional trackers on the market. It almost feels like having a nutrition coach in your pocket.

With its rich food database, multiple options for logging meals, simple and intuitive interface, and dynamic nutritional recommendations, MacroFactor is a fantastic option for beginners and advanced trainees looking to control their diet and reach their goals – fat loss, muscle gain, etc.


MacroFactor is a simple, intuitive, and flexible nutrition-tracking app. It features a great user interface, constantly updated and accurate nutritional recommendations, a rich food database, and several ways to log food.

The app makes nutrition tracking a natural part of the day and is designed to promote consistency over perfection.


Let us summarize the article by going over some of the typical questions people ask related to the app:

1. Is MacroFactor a legit app?

Yes, MacroFactor is a legit nutrition-tracking app made by an fitness industry expert – Greg Nuckols.

2. What makes MacroFactor great?

Some things that make MacroFactor great are its simplicity, intuitive interface, dynamic nutritional recommendations, accuracy, and ease of logging your food intake.

3. How accurate is MacroFactor?

While there is always debate surrounding nutrition apps and their effectiveness, MacroFactor is designed to be as accurate as possible. The app collects data and uses its sophisticated algorithm to continually update your nutritional targets, keeping you on track to reaching your goals.

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