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10May 2022
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Find the perfect Hotel Gym for you

If you have ever stayed in a hotel with the idea to perform a workout you know that too often the gym equipment leaves up to be desired. Some of you may think of vacation as a time to take a vacation from exercise…. Where others are committed to health and workout want to squeeze in a workout whenever possible.

Despite the hotel stars, the fitness equipment still varies from hotel to hotel. That is where becomes very handy with insights into the hotel gym facility. One of the key parameters of the platform is the GymFactor Score. As this is probably new to most, I will explain the concept of the details in this article.

Introducing the GymFactor

In a nutshell, GymFactor is a review of a hotel based on the quality of its fitness facility. It uses a system of validated and community feedback to generate the GymFactor Score, a rating from 1 (lowest) to 4 (highest) to judge how suitable a hotel’s gym is to those who are looking to make use of it.


To create the initial GymFactor Score, multiple criteria are part of the review. Each has a different impact on the overall GymFactor Score. You can read more about the GymFactor Scoring on 

However, the list below indicates a few of the important parameters we use to create our initial Scoring. Of course, there are a lot of things to consider further:

  • Variety of fitness equipment
  • Type of machines
  • Space to exercise
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Cleanliness

As you can imagine, fitness equipment and space to exercise are very important and also reflect the investment a hotel made to support guests who want to stay fit while traveling. With, the highest GymFactor is only reserved for those that have plenty of space to exercise, with equipment that is frequently maintained and there are a variety of devices available. However, it is not only about the financial investment — but it is also about the culture and understanding a Hotel provides for fitness enthusiasts and Athletes. A high GymFactor Score also represents a perfect indication for those who would be traveling for athletic events such as an Ironman race.

The mathematics behind

The GymFactor has been developed to avoid review bombing as seen on other platforms. Validated reviews have a bigger impact on the individual GymFactor Score than others. Validated reviews are created by known users such as: 

  • Personal Trainers
  • Gym Operators
  • and reviewers

The formula behind the GymFactor Score ensures only qualified feedback is used to set the initial score, and fanboys (or haters) have limited room to impact the GymFactor Score for their personal benefits or interests. This also helps Hotels with great gyms that have only limited reviews from travelers to lead with a correct impression.

The GymFactor Scores

The highest possible is a GymFactor Score of 4. This GymFactor represents a real gym which is just perfect, it provides everything any fitness enthusiast could need. Not that we know Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in person (yet), but we believe that even “The Rock” could perform his full workout at this place. This hotel provides a perfect fitness center atmosphere, you basically just don’t want to miss it.

GymFactor Score 3 on the rating scale indicates that the gym is still amazing and has nearly everything one could want. Perfect for most of us, and there are not really “issues” that those who rated the gym found. It is rather that this gym is maybe not as fancy or spacious, it is missing some (very) special equipment that some could desire, or the personal supervision leaves room for improvement. Otherwise, these hotel gyms are generally regarded as quality and excellent for most.

Being half-way through with GymFactor Score of 2, these gyms are great for classic workouts but are missing multiple features or have a less pleasant workout experience. They tend to be smaller in size and deliver more basic workouts. There are typically lighter dumbbells, standard cardio equipment, and some multi-purpose exercise machines, but not an extensive list of options. These gyms are still regarded as good enough for most customers, especially on shorter trips.

This leaves me with the lowest rating available for the GymFactor scale which is 1. This does not mean that the gyms are terrible, not all at least, but they are not quality gyms. They tend to be extremely small and have little gym equipment available. One would struggle to get a full-body workout in these gyms. It is better than nothing, but you will not spend much time there.

The Community Factor

One of the keys to the GymFactor Score being accurate is the development of a community that is willing to accurately review hotels and their gym capabilities. The development of this community is attempted through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. While this type of feedback does allow frequent travelers to voice their opinion on how good a hotel’s gym is, the GymFactor itself has been developed to avoid review bombing as mentioned before.

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I hope this article explained how the GymFactor can help you to find your next hotel with a great gym, be it New York, London, or Singapore — every location has somewhere a hotel with a matching GymFactor. And if in doubt, reach out to our community.

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