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23Oct 2023
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Unleashing Fitness: An Introductory Guide to F45

Most of us are familiar with the traditional weight training options:

  • Powerlifting
  • CrossFit
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Bodybuilding

But what about F45? Have you ever heard of that one before? More importantly, is it any good, and should you bother learning about it? Today, we will go over these questions and more. So read on to get an introduction to F45 and what benefits it can offer.

What is F45?

F45 is a training modality that develops numerous athletic characteristics. Unlike other forms of training that focus on strength, endurance, agility, or something else, F45 makes you a well-rounded athlete.

F stands for functional and represents the modality's benefits related to health, physical development, and independence in your daily life. The modality is called F45 because your workouts are 45-minutes long and feature a variety of exercises and activities that will push you to your limits and help you get fit.

F45 Studio

The idea behind F45 is to mix numerous strength, agility, and endurance activities into a single kick-butt workout. You can pick from thousands of exercises and come up with endless combinations to keep your training fun and fresh.

What Benefits does F45 Training offer?

A notable benefit of F45 training is that you develop multiple athletic characteristics simultaneously. Instead of building strength or endurance in isolation, F45 allows you to get stronger, faster, more agile, and more endurance. As a result, you become a well-rounded athlete capable of tackling everyday tasks with greater ease.

F45 training is also beneficial because it condenses a lot of work in little time. Because of that, you can reap superior benefits without investing as much time. For example, rather than spending five or more hours per week in the gym, you can have two or three F45 sessions, get a lot of work done, and go about your days.

Another benefit of F45 is the sense of community it brings to the table. You are not just another trainee going about your business. Instead, you are part of a small community that works together to reach fitness goals. The sense of community makes F45 fun, fulfilling, and motivating.

Technology Integration with F45

In the realm of fitness, technology has become an indispensable ally, enhancing the workout experience, boosting engagement, and optimizing results.

F45 studios are well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including large screens that display exercise demonstrations and timings. These screens guide members through each exercise, ensuring they perform movements correctly and adhere to the prescribed workout durations and rest periods.

F45 App

Additionally, a dedicated F45 app acts as a comprehensive fitness companion. The app allows members to book classes, access nutritional plans, and track their progress. It also includes features that enable members to participate in global challenges, fostering a sense of community and friendly competition.

Membership and Cost Analysis

F45 positions itself as a premium fitness offering, and its membership costs reflect this. F45 offers various membership packages, ranging from flexible, pay-as-you-go options to more committed, long-term memberships.

Prices can vary based on location, as F45 is a franchise with each studio independently owned. However, members can typically expect to pay a premium compared to conventional gym memberships.

While the membership includes access to regular classes, there might be additional costs for specialized programs or participation in global F45 challenges.

How is F45 different from CrossFit?

F45 training and CrossFit are similar in many ways. Both modalities leverage identical protocols, and you can reap many similar benefits. For example, CrossFit and F45 leverage circuit-style training, allowing you to get a lot of work done in little time. 

But despite their similarities, F45 and CrossFit are also different in some ways. Most notably, CrossFit leverages more weight training and emphasizes proper technique. In contrast, F45 is more about general fitness, and the atmosphere is a bit more laid back.

Similarly, CrossFit tends to be much more competitive, and most members are men. But, again, in contrast, F45 is more relaxing and inviting to all sorts of people, not just the most dedicated athletes. 

Another difference between CrossFit and F45 is the exercise pool. CrossFit has a decent exercise selection, but F45 blows it out of the water and continues to expand with each passing day. As a result, F45 offers more flexibility and is better for more people who might not be able to do barbell lifts or pull-ups.

Some final thoughts

Many enjoy the less competitive environment of training in an F45 gym. Depending on your workout routine and style, you would enjoy this over CrossFit or your own gym workouts. However, as you probably imagined, the F45 and CrossFit memberships are more expensive than the regular gym membership. But, they give you results.

Mark Wahlberg F45

Interestingly, Mark Wahlberg (you may remember him as Marky Mark) is one of the investors in F45. Mark is still known for his physique and his intense early morning workouts. Not only for his famous role in "Ted."

It seems to be trendy for celebrities to invest in fitness products and apps. Another one is Chris Hemsworth's with Centr. But we keep this topic for another day.

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