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With the HotelGyms.com subscription you can get a premium account to better connect fitness focused customers with your hotel and its great fitness facility. This allows our visitors even better to find very fast and convenient the perfect accommodation which offers the expected gym experience.

The subscription also helps to acknowledge your investment into your gym and fitness facilities, and we would like to help you to monetize this unique advantage compared to your competition. The highlighted positioning helps you to make the best out of it by receiving as much bookings as possible from HotelGyms.com, directly and via the booking operators.

With the premium account you can be sure that we are highlighting your offering and your hotel as attractive as possible on our platform. On HotelGyms.com we offer an easy and appealing way for fitness focused travelers to find and book your Hotel.

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Included Services in the Premium Account

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Personal User Account

Create your personal user account on HotelGyms.com to manage the details and pictures of the fitness facility on your property. Upload pictures and edit data to present always the latest. This helps our visitors, your next potential customers, to get a perfect impression of your services and equipment.

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Upload Gym Pictures

Present your gym in the best spotlight and upload your own pictures to make the difference and show the great equipment from different angles. This differentiates you from the competition and helps to show real value of your fitness facility to new customers. All in all, this will turn into hotel bookings from our visitors.

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Add Gym Information

Provide additional details to your gym and fitness environment such as opening hours, and equipment details to improve the experience. You have invested a lot of money for your great gym and it is time that potential customers can find you, acknowledge your investment and workout in your fitness facilities.

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Reference your Website

You will be able to add your own website to provide additional information about your hotel and its fitness facilities or your fitness center. With this, travelers will have the possibility to directly browse through your provided information and checkout your special offerings.

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Personal Account Manager

By listing your property you will get access to your personal account manager. We take care of the onboarding, provide assistance to upload your pictures and help adding your Information. Your account manager will be here for you to answer questions and provide support in case of problems.

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Hotel of the Week Eligibility

By listing your property, you will become eligible for the "Hotel of the Week" promotion. We promote hotels on a special topic (e.g. beach holiday, convention hotels, wellness, city trips …), always with the link to stay fit while traveling and staying in your Hotel. Selected Hotels and Gyms also get featured on social media and on our blog.

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Highlight your Property

Premium subscription hotels also receive a special “tag” on the overview site. Customers will find the highlighted property very easy and can make sure to find the perfect fitness focused hotel and best gyms very fast. With this "tag" it will be easier to win new customers.

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Premium Workout Apps

To provide the best workout experience for your customers, every hotel will get access to premium workout apps without extra charge. Our partner apps will help to provide the best workout experience for your customers in the hotel gym, or even to expand the possibilities and offer in-room workouts without providing extra equipment.

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Last but not least – Data Privacy

Your data is secure! We guarantee all HotelGyms.com subscribers that the connection to our servers is always encrypted. We use Cloud Computing in Europe from Microsoft and Google, the two best in their space. As a company based in Switzerland, all our operations also comply with European Union Data Protection laws.

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