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Gym Details
Is gym open 24 hours?
What is the overall size of the gym?
Does the room have windows / daylight?
What kind of water is provided, if any?
Are towels provided in the gym?
Are there sanitizers provided in the gym?
Primary equipment brand?
External Gym Partnership
Is there reception or staff in the gym?
Partnership with an external gym?
Hotel Gym Day Passes
Do you sell day passes for your gym?
Price per day pass
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Count of Treadmills
Count of Ellipticals
Count of Upright Bikes
Count of Recumbent Bikes
Count of Spinning Bikes
Count of Rowers
Count of Climbers
Are there Peloton bikes in the gym?
Are there Peloton bikes in the hotel rooms?
Are there other Cardio Devices to mention which are not on the list?
Number of flat benches?
Number of incline benches?
Small and heavy weights dumbbells available?
Max weight - Dumbbells
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Max weight - Kettlebells
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Max weight - Barbell
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Type of Barbell?
Type of Rack?
Workout Area
Accessories available (extra weight, bands, etc.)
Does the gym have a special floor for weights training?
Are there mirrors for workouts?
Are there multiple stations to work out?
Are there other Weights to mention which are not on the list?
What type of workout machines are provided?
How many machines are available in total?
Cross-over cable machine available
Back extension bench available
TRX available?
Distance between machines (1.5m or more)?
Are there multiple machines for the same muscle group?
Is there a dedicated stretching/warm-up area available?
Are there other Workout Machines to mention which are not on the list?
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