Terms and Conditions

§1 Applicability, Area of Coverage

These Terms of Use apply to the complete area of business by GymBookDo GmbH (hereafter called “The company”). The company operates an online platform that displays a multitude of travel packages offered by different providers. This allows users to participate in online panels and search for travel destinations and additional related information.

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§2 Use of the Website

There are no fees or charges associated with the use of this website. However, the website contains links to external websites owned and operated by independent third-party providers. The company is not responsible for information provided by these third parties and is not liable in any way for contents and services offered by third party websites.

§3 Unacceptable Activities

Content and information provided on the company’s website as well as the necessary infrastructure are owned by the company. Users agree not to change, copy, distribute, transmit, display, multiply, publish, license, transfer, sell or process this information, these programs, products or services.

§4 Privacy Statement

The company protects user information. For further information please refer to our Privacy Statement.

§5 Active participation by the User

You as the (active) user are invited to enhance the website by contributing emails, comments, ratings, questions, pictures and videos, proposals and ideas. Please note that the company thereby acquires a non-exclusive, free of charge, permanent, transferable, irrevocable and unlimited sub-licensing right for the use, copying, change, modification, translation, distribution, publication and display of this information and these data. The company is not liable for any contents published, saved or uploaded by customers or third parties. The company retains the right to delete, review, translate or process the contents of this website at any time and without advance notice.

§6 Links to Websites of Third Parties

This website contains links to websites operated by third party providers. The company has no control over these pages and is neither responsible for the contents nor their privacy statements or other conditions applicable to these sites. Users are responsible themselves to ensure that links selected by them do not contain any viruses, defects or other destructible elements.

§7 Bookings at Third Party Providers

The company’s website allows the user to obtain information relating to hotel reservations. Users wishing to make a reservation will be routed to the website of the respective provider. The company is not liable for information and pricing offered on websites of the respective third-party providers. Booking contracts are governed by the conditions of third-party providers and the company is not liable for the respective information or bookings.

§8 Exclusion of Liability

Information published on our website may contain inaccuracies or mistakes, specifically so concerning availability of reservations, pricing or the GymFactor (Fitness facilities in the Accommodation). The company does not guarantee, represent or warrant the accuracy of information and description, nor information relating to pricing, availability, equipment, GymFactor (Fitness facilities in the Accommodation), features or services offered by hotels. The company expressly excludes any liability for respective mistakes and inaccuracies. In addition, the company is not liable for first reviews collected by the company. The company excludes any warranties, assurances or other conditions of any kind that the website, its server or sent emails may contain viruses or other damaging components. The company excludes all warranties and assurances regarding information, software programs, products and services in the maximum amount allowed by the applicable laws. The company is only liable for possible damage due to breach of duty in cases of intention or gross negligence.

§9 Changes, Modifications

These Terms of Use may be changed or modified at any time by the Firm.

§10 Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by Swiss law. As far as no other superseding laws prevail, the place of jurisdiction will be at the place of legal registration of the company. The company reserves the right to file a legal complaint at the domicile of the defendant party.

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