Description of our Hotel Gyms and Fitness Rooms Ratings

Our gym ratings are based on feedbacks by the community, our own travel experience, additional research as well as input by hotels and the community.

Should the Factor fall short of your expectations, we ask you to share this with the community. Just click the “RATE THE GYM” button, enter your own rating, share your individual experience, pictures and related information. The next fitness enthusiast will be grateful for your contribution.

What to expect from the specific ratings

1 - Small Fitness Room

Cardio equipment: Elliptical, Treadmill, Bike etc.
One or a few multi-functional machine(s)

2 - Fitness Room

Cardio equipment: Elliptical, Treadmill, Bike etc.
Several multi-functional machines or a small variety of fitness/gym equipment/dumbbells

3 - Small Gym

Almost the Gym feeling
A well equipped fitness area which provides a variety of cardio stations, power stations, multi-functional machines and dumbbells.
In this gym you can complete your daily workout plan without major limitations, just as if you were in a small gym.

4 - Gym Feeling

The absolute Gym Feeling:
The Hotel offers its own fitness facility, equal to a Fitness Center
The Hotel cooperates with a nearby Fitness Center (i.e. same Building, across the street)

E - Walk to the Gym

This Hotel either does not provide it’s own Gym or it does not meet our Expectations but you can walk to a near by gym
Additional fees may apply (Gym Daypass)