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10May 2022
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The End of 2020 - Finally!

We have finally reached the end of the year. It certainly has not been the year that we wanted, but we have come through at the end of it. That is why we are going to use this post today to look at some of the best parts of this year here at and some of the best parts of next year that are coming up. So let us hop right in!

Release of a new platform! 

So last week… wait, no. Way back in April (time flies in a pandemic, doesn’t it?) we released our new platform to help streamline our overall site. We got a fresh design, a new code basis, and we now leverage cloud technologies to make it all more fluid and accessible to users worldwide! The new platform is a big step forward to enable our vision:

To ensure every person on the planet stays fit and healthy – even while traveling. 

Working from home is the new normal.

While not everyone gets to work in their pajamas, the fact is that many people are now adapting to working from home. Ourselves are included in that mix, as we have had to abandon any in-person meetings favoring the Teams, Zoom and Google calls that have become so common. It has taken some getting used to but has not been one of the negatives that it might have looked like initially. Think about it - you could, for example, work with your dog (big or small) in your lap, do a quick home-workout during the breaks, and use the saved commute time to cook your favorite meal for lunch.

Suddenly, no more travel.

For sure, one of the biggest disappointments of this year was the fact that there was no more travel. For our business, but also to me personally, we had totally different plans. There is an upside to that fact - it has given us more time to focus on the platform's development. New ideas and scenarios have been developed during the crisis, partnerships established, and lots of interesting collaborations.

But the time spent at home has increased the desire to travel - we hear our user. Locations like Paris, Dubai, Berlin, or Amsterdam are regularly top searches on But also Mexica, Bali or the Maldives are in the dreams of our community. Well, 2020 has given us all more time to plan out our future trips. And more time to plan means more time for things to go right, which is always appreciated. Just think of it as extra time to practice that French, Spanish, or Arabic that you stopped after 3 days on Duolingo.

Most importantly.

2020 was a year to forget. It sucked. But that does not mean we should mope about and be miserable about it for all time. While I sit in my comfortable home and can complain about many things like not traveling and having a vacation, I choose to remind myself of the blessed life I have been given and feel grateful about it. We hope that anyone reading this will join us at and look forward to 2021 and beyond with new optimism and a strong feeling that just know it will all come back together somehow!

But most importantly - HotelGyms would not be possible without the hard work and passion our team puts into it every single day, even or especially during 2020. A big thanks to our team designing and developing the platform Armend, Blerim, Ymer, and Vinod, our social media team Cezar and Manuel, and of also to the team working behind the scenes, Chris, Roli, and Ronny. This team is doing such an amazing job, they rock!

Wish you guys all the best for 2021 & Happy New Year 🥂🎅🎁

Michel and the team!

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