07Jul 2020
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How to book a Hotel with great Gym for your next Trip or Vacation

Traveling can make your fitness routines tough, especially if you are at the mercy of a hotel gym. Not if you book the right GymFactor! As explained in my previous blog post the GymFactor will help you identifying hotels that made an investment in their fitness facility. There is no denying the fact, that people these days prefer hotels that come with a premium quality hotel gym which allows them to fulfill their workout schedule even during their business trips and vacations. Finding your best match couldn’t be easier — let me show you an example when using HotelGyms.com.


Search your preferred location

Go to www.HotelGyms.com and enter your preferred location. Let’s assume we plan a trip to Dubai and want to find a hotel with the best gym experience. Simple, enter the location, select a date, and click “Search Hotels”. Less than one second later, you get your list of available hotels. The availability and prices are coming from Booking.com, which is also the booking provider of choice.


The overview in the search results shows you already the most important information: 

  • Total Price from Booking.com
  • Reviews from Booking.com and Google 
  • Pictures from the Hotel 
  • and of course the GymFactor 

The GymFactor of 4.0 represents the maximum and ensure you will have an amazing fitness experience. But most of the time, hotel gyms with a GymFactor of 3.0 are more than enough for a great workout. You can use the filters and sort functions to further update your selection/preferences. 

Have you already found your perfect match? Well, there is no need to spend more time on the search. With “BOOK NOW” we take you directly to Booking.com. In case you wonder about the details and reviews, simply clock on “MORE DETAILS” to open the hotel’s specific page with all details related to the GymFactor


plan. travel. workout. 

As soon as you have found a suitable hotel, you will be redirected to our partner Booking.com to complete the booking process. Booking.com will handle the complete and trouble-free booking process. This allows you to use your existing profile from Booking.com, with all its benefits, and you can complete the booking process as usual. You will even be able to collect or redeem points to get to the Genius-Level and even benefit from other promotions. As you can see, with HotelGyms.com it is very simple to book a hotel with a great Gym. 

And if you are still in doubt, which hotel will be the best for a good workout, check our latest blog, “Find the best Hotel Gyms in Dubai ”.

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