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10Aug 2021
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Get 10% Discount with Accor Hotels

There are many different loyalty programs, and all of them offer different ways to earn rewards and benefits. While we know the big hotel chains such as Hilton, Marriot, and the likes, there are also interesting smaller hotel loyalty programs. One of them is Accor, which has called our attention recently.

Accor Live Limitless (ALL) announced a few weeks ago a new promotion for their members. Till December 31, 2021, ALL has fixed the member's rate to give an extra discount of 10% in participating hotels throughout Europe. Thus, saving some money while still earning all the points and stays towards your status.

How to get the 10% Discount for ALL? 

It is actually effortless and straightforward:

  1. You just need to be (or become) a member of the ALL program.
  2. You need to book your next stay in 2021 through the official webpage.

That is basically it. You might want to check other locations; hotels in Dubai also had a 10% discount recently. Just for completeness, check the conditions of sale and the list of participating hotels (PDF) for this promotion. 

And to close out, we could not say it any better than Accor Live Limitless did:

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